Solar System Explorer [Educational]


Hello everyone

Solar Explorer is an interactive educational tool to teach people about the major planets and moons of our Solar System, and the spacecraft that have visited them.




Solar (System) Explorer is my first app and was intended as a test to figure out how to publish an app and integrate 3rd party API's such as AdMob.

I had no long term plans for it so I was quite surprised that it got a good reception, which lead to me spending time over the last three months polishing it up, and now I've finally reached the point where I'm happy with it.

It's written using a 3D game engine called Shiva3D, which I chose to help speed up development and because it's cross platform.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any feedback. I'd especially like to know if it doesn't work on specific devices, runs too slow or any other usability issues. Actually, I'd like to know anything you can come up with!

There's two versions, Lite and Full. The Lite edition (linked here) has all the planets and info, but only one spacecraft, Voyager. The full edition has more spacecraft, textures suitable for HD devices and special features like lens flares.

Future plans for the project include adding more spacecraft to the full version, including rovers and manned spacecraft. I'd also like to add support for 3D devices, and there's always the need to constantly update the app the knowledge about our Solar System increases.