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(SOLD)For Sale : $155.00 : Motorola Triumph + 16GB MicroSD + TPU Case + Accessories

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by DenverNugs, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. DenverNugs

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    ..For Sale

    ..Motorola Triumph + 16GB MicroSD + TPU Case + Accessories


    Shipping Included?

    Payment Options
    ..Even Trade - No Money, Paypal

    ..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items

    Extra Included Items
    ..PNY 16GB Micro SD (Class 4)
    Rocketfish TPU Case
    USB Charge/Sync Cable
    USB Wall Adapter
    All Documentation
    Back Cover


    Additional Information/Comments
    I would also be willing to trade for a 4g T-mobile phone for my lady. This bundle is currently on ebay. You can bid here


    Today I am selling my Motorola Triumph for the Virgin Mobile Carrier. This phone is about a month old. I received it as a replacement for a broken Motorola Triumph under warranty. This phone has absolutely no scratches on the screen nor scratches or dings or dents on the back. The phone has been in it's TPU case since the day I got it in the mail and is in pristine condition. This replacement was brand new out of the box and has not had any issues in the time I've owned it. It will still be under warranty from Virgin Mobile for 7 more months.

    Full Sized Photos of phone below


    The Motorola Triumph is an amazing device that has a 1ghz Snapdragon processor and 512mb of RAM. The stock OS is Android 2.2, but if rooted you can put Cyanogenmod 7 (Gingerbread) or Cyanogenmod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) onto the phone. The phone can also be overclocked up to 2ghz. It is an incredible buy for the money spent, and you can have unlimited data for only $35 a month with Virgin Mobile's service. Adding your own service is easy, all that's needed is an airtime card and a call to virgin mobile. I can assist you with this if need be, as well as putting newer Android ROM's on your new phone.

    The only reason I am switching from Virgin Mobile is because I am now an Employee of sprint and will now get a very discounted price for service.

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  2. PC Jona

    PC Jona Well-Known Member

    i dont know if you know how ebay works but they take 9% when you sell something.

    you should bump up the buy it now price to 210ish to get what your looking for.

    and paypal takes 3% as well.

    anyways great price...i would totally buy this if i was in the market for one..
  3. DenverNugs

    DenverNugs Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the tip! I'm well aware of the ridiculous ebay/paypal fees. I'm really just trying to sell this as fast as I can (hence the low price) I desperately need to find a 4g T-mobile phone since my girlfriend is phoneless currently. I did bump it up to $200, though. If someone from the forum is interested in purchasing I'd be more than happy to sell for $190.
  4. DenverNugs

    DenverNugs Member
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