SOLD! LG ALLY Velocity 1.0 OCed Stable at 787Mhz

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I'm looking to upgrade to a new phone, but I'm not eligible for a long time, so I wanna alleviate the pain a bit so to speak. Just got my Ally replaced from with a refurb from Verizon so the phone shows no wear and tear, looks like new.

Its currently running Velocity 1.0 OCed stable at 787Mhz and has Amon-Ra recovery.

I'll flash a clean install of Velocity onto it before I ship it to you, or flash stock 2.2.1 and stock recovery if you'd prefer that.

Included will be the A/C adapter, USB Cable, and 4GB microSD card that came with the Ally.

Asking $140 shipped but PM with any other offers and I may consider. Also open to trade.

FYI: I'm looking to buy a used HTC Inc. most likely, so if you/someone has one and for some strange reason wants an ally instead, I'd give you the ally plus some cash for it.



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BTW, I'm pretty sure I also have the original box/manual and can ship that as well. Phone will be overnighted via UPS if I didn't mention that.
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