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Sold my Transformer Prime.. buy one of these?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bizzie, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Bizzie

    Bizzie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Selling my TF Prime (currently waiting for a deal to go through) & i have 2 options to go for.

    Nexus 7 & some

  2. hbryder

    hbryder Android Enthusiast

  3. Bizzie

    Bizzie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Good to hear!

    Any more comments? :)

    Planning on ordering it tonight from Amazon for
  4. hbryder

    hbryder Android Enthusiast

  5. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

  6. dereese

    dereese Lurker

    I purchased my Note 10 days ago, planning to use it on a trip to the UK a week from now so I didn't have to lug my laptop. It seemed nice, but it didn't last very long. Sadly, I appear to have received a lemon which will no longer turn on. I am now haggling with Samsung about a replacement. You may want to purchase through a dealer which will be helpful about exchanges in case your early experience is like mine (although my British husband tells me it would be exchanged there without question; here in the US, they're offering us a factory refurb, which is NOT what we paid full price for).
  7. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Android Enthusiast

    I sold my prime for one of these notes...would never go back.
  8. mortaro

    mortaro Lurker

    I just bought this Note 10.1 tablet in white and I am so addicted to it. Speakers are better than my friend's new ipad speakers. Screen is awesome. I use the S-pen all the time. I love the photoshop touch application which I use at least once every day. I do a lot of editing of photos (although I am not in that line of work at all) - it's just hobby. This tablet is for those creative bunch who like to do things beyond mere reading ebooks and watching netflix. The entire interface is fluid and no lag. Added a 64gb microsd card. Also has a nice TV/Cable box remote which shows you a preview (static - photos) of the movies/tv shows that are being aired on the cable and then you can switch channels to that show. Control volume/power up/down of the tv from it. And then the best feature is the organic or true multi-view multi-tasking in this tablet which I haven't seen in any other tablet. Okay, it's restricted to only a 5-7 apps now but hey those apps need that multi-view feature. If you need any details on any other features im me.

  9. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Hold the power button for a long time. It might come back on. If not, you'll have to let it set til it comes on on it's own; usually in about 48 hrs. Now, before you ask.......I have no idea why this happens or what causes it to happen. I came across this issue once on one of my tablets but I honestly thought I caused it to happen since I was rooting and roming.
  10. Dvoraak

    Dvoraak Newbie

    This is probably already a done deal for the OP one way or the other but if you go with the Note 10.1 you're gonna be amazed at the difference between it and the Asus Transformer. Both are top shelf with a premium price but the Note 10.1 is the FIRST (yeah, I'll say it) Android tablet to perform like it deserves the asking price.

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