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Mar 18, 2011
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..For Sale

..Sprint HTC One Black (Excellent Cond) - Clean ESN - Extras Included


Shipping Included?

Payment Options

..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items

Extra Included Items
..Spigen Ultra Crystal Clear Screen Protector installed already cleanly & another included.

Two Cases.

Cleaning Cloth


Additional Information/Comments
Used but in MINT condition. No scratches what so ever. Clean ESN of course and ready to activate once you receive it. Out of the box accessories as well and they also are in excellent condition. Everything functions as should out of the box.


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It's that a black tpu case? Want to sell it?

It is a type of tpu. It almost has a cloth texture to it, or more like a soft touch polycarb. It's the only case I personally use vs the flip case I also have that's in the pictures above. I get tired of opening the flip cover. So I won't sale the case by itself. Sorry.
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$490 is as low as I'll go. I had it listed over $500 at first. Also listed on Swappa for the same price.

I know what I said, but I'll be generous ;). Nothing lower though guys. Mint condition. Not a scratch on it. Was only taken out of case for this picture so You could know what the cases look like. Spigen Ultra Crystal already installed with an additional one in the package like in the picture. Clean install on there to. Hard to tell it's even on. I like to be "perfect" when it comes to installing those and the condition of my phone.
Will you sell the flip case?

I'm trying my best to keep it a package deal.

Here is a review on a really cheap but attractive case in my opinion. I actually ordered it but it's not here yet so I didn't include it in the sale. No more than $3 for it. and the link to the case is in the description of the video.
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