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Solution for quirky scrolling issue - Perfect us ex iPhone users, Homescreen replacement :)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by danielg, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. danielg

    danielg Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 14, 2009
    First off, this is mainly directed at the previous iPhone users (such as myself), but I'm sure all the new EVO/android guys will appreciate this as well. Also, if you like sense, sorry. I said goodbye to sense as soon I played with this!

    My only real complaint about this phone was the somewhat choppy scrolling. Well after some playing around with the device, i've been able to get rid of most of the problem (we're talking homescreen, and app drawer only - I have no solution for the browser scrolling and else where in the device)

    So the more and more I played with the device, the more and more apparent it became. Then I noticed, not only were the animations not smooth, the tracking of the touch movement was off. You can drag your finger and watch as the sliding icons in the drawer follow behind your finger... Then I tried launcherpro. This is a great home replacement, highly customizable, fast switching - but still had that finger tracking problem....

    Then I met ADW.launcher

    Now, as a former iphone user, there are 2 things that make this feel more "homey" to me, and will potentially do the same for you as well.

    So the iPhone does a great job of hiding it's load time with animations, graphics and what not. It's not crazy fast at scrolling, but it puts the animation behind the action, so that to the user it feels like it doing what it's suppose to be doing. Instead of tap, nothing, bam! it's tap, nice animation/graphic, hello.

    The good about ADW.Launcher:

    number 1 - You can set the scrolling speed used to fling desktop screens and set the overshoot or bounce. This means to you can set a nice paced fling, then add the bounce to fill in that stop :) So with a short simple swipe, you get a nicer transition. It's still not as smooth looking as the iphone, but it mos def feels just as good!

    number 2 - You can select the zooming speed of the drawer and use horizontal drawer scrolling (a la Samsung Galaxy or iPhone). What's awesome about this when you set the animation of the app drawer opening, it looks and feels great. Also, by moving to the horizontal drawer, the icons dont scroll as a whole, they are lined up by screens. This feels very iphone ish. Most importantly, because it's by screen, the "following my finger" thing is completely gone. I love it!

    Here are my settings for the speeds. Play with it as you like.

    desktop scrolling speed - 845
    desktop overshoot - 25-30

    Zoom effect speed - 950
    Horizontal Drawer check
    Animated Drawer check

    Disable sense, and use this as the default home.

    Download it here:


    There's a lot of cool things you can do, like have that little dock, change how many rows/columns are in the drawer etc. This app fixed one of the biggest things I disliked about the device. I was on the fence about the 30 day return, now I'm probably going to keep it. Now....if we can only fix browser scrolling and accidental tapping. :)

    Have fun and enjoy.



  2. IPvFletch

    IPvFletch Well-Known Member

    Jun 6, 2010
    Austin, TX
    I'm happy with HTC Sense launcher, but to each his own. That's the beauty of Android OS - it let's you do whatever you want (unlike the aforementioned iPhone OS [now called iOS]).

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