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Solution to scrolling thru the multiple points of contact when searching for someone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Montana Man, May 26, 2010.

  1. Montana Man

    Montana Man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Like many, I have been very frustrated with the sheer number of multiple contacts for the same person when I go to send a message from my Incredible, resulting in endless scrolling through hundreds of points of contact information. After much trial and error, here's the closest thing I have found to fixing this. When searching for a contact without having to deal with all of the points of contact clutter, here's the fastest way that I discovered:

    New message
    Tap the people icon at the top right of the screen
    Tap the search (capacitive button)

    Each contact's information is now condensed under their name! Simply select their name to see all of their information and proceed from there. Yes, you will need to do this every time that you want to send a message, but it definitely eliminates having to scroll through hundreds of names and all of each person's points of contact.

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I am not sure if this is going to be what you are looking for, but I had a similar situation with my Gmail contacts and phone contacts from Backup Assistant creating multiple entries for a single contact. I then found out that you can link the contacts with duplicates to their other entries so that they are displayed under a single person. Just go to People, and then select a contact with multiple entries, and then at the top right of the screen select the "chain link" icon, and you can link multiple entries to one single contact.

    If this is not what you are referring to, then I apologize and you can just disregard this post.
  3. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    You can also do this via Gmail contacts (on a computer) for contacts with multiple e-mail addresses / phone numbers.
  4. parkerda

    parkerda Lurker

    Get the gesture search app. Makes seaching for anything on your phone extremely simple. I use it all the time.
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  5. jumperpin

    jumperpin Newbie

    Try Better Contacts with one-touch access to any first letter of indexed contacts. It also allows sort by last name 'stead of Google Contacts lame default of first name sort.
  6. nightfishing

    nightfishing Android Enthusiast

  7. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert

  8. Montana Man

    Montana Man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    EXCELLENT APP!! Thank you so much for mentioning this! It's amazing! Much appreciated! :)

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