Help (SOLVED)Acer A500 HDMI connection to Toshiba 26CV100U

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Hello -

I'm trying to connect my Acer A500 to my Toshiba 26CV100U TV via HDMI.

When I plug the cable in on both ends and configure the TV to use the HDMI I port (has 2), I get an error message message, no source data, generally, except one fleeting moment when I actually got the tablet screen image showing on the TV. I don't know what's up. I have the same problem on the HDMI II port, so its not that.

Does anyone have any pointers for me? I did call the Toshiba help line and they said that only PC's could hook up to the TV, but somehow I am doubting that. But hey, I've never done this before...

All thoughts are appreciated! :) :thinking: :)

nm girl

NM girl

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Thanks to All for your replies - the cable was definitely the problem - now that the new one has arrived the Tablet is driving the TV w/o any problems.