Dec 30, 2012
I took some of my songs from my computer and put them on my SD card. I then went to the music player on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4g) and the album artwork for all the new music is a random picture of a baby and it says "I have a surprise for you, it's poop!" I used to have this picture on my phone (sent it to my friend as a joke). I deleted the picture after I put the music on my phone, but it still appears as the album artwork.

On my computer, the album artwork for each mp3 track is correct. But on my phone, it's that random picture. I tried deleting the problem songs from my SD card and re-installing them. Didn't work.

I never used to have this problem. I was able to put music on my SD card and the album artwork would be exactly as it should be on my phone. I DO NOT want to download an album artwork fixer app. I've read somewhere to clear the cache for the music player (or something), but there was no cache to clear. I also read somewhere to go to the "albumthumbs" folder on my SD card, but it doesn't exist. There never was one.

I'm clueless and all out of ideas :(
I finally figured out how to fix this problem.

For those of you wondering how to fix it, this is what I did:

I plugged my phone into my computer and opened up the internal storage to view the files (I have a Samsung phone so I had to use Samsung Kies to do this). I then found the DCIM folder, then went to the Camera folder. In that folder there was a folder named "Cache". I deleted this folder and my problem was solved!

I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but it worked for me.
yea weird thing happened to me also, i had a android marquee, had my email hooked up to it, got a new galaxy s2, programed my emails same as i did with the other phone, i downloaded a music player app called:poweramp, and it used a old pic that is in my email "sent" folder, not even in my media files or downloads WTF?