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Tips SOLVED - BRICKED/unbricked my Galaxy Ace Plus S7500L

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AEAllen, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. AEAllen

    AEAllen Member
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    Nov 24, 2012
    Just a tip for Galaxy Ace Plus S7500L owners........

    DO NOT try to Root or load firmware for the S7500 on the S7500L model!
    I did this and messed up (uncompleted) the load and bricked the phone.

    Personally, I am finished trying to Root....as there are just too many websites with too much stuff that does not work.

    I had to buy a new phone today. I am just going to wait for the official ICS 4 and keep mine stock for now.

    Be careful out there Guy's & Gal's!

    EDIT: I managed to get mine unbricked using ODIN 3.04 and Official Samsung Firmware (even though I could NOT get into the download mode or anything else) .


    Downloaded an OFFICIAL firmware pack:


    This is a Brazil image that is considered "North America"......strange.....LOL. It works fine.

    I used ODIN 3.04 instead of the stated 1.85.
    And the tutorial says to put individual files in, but you just put this md5 package in the "PDA" field.

    If you start ODIN BEFORE plugging in phone, it will not recognize the phone when you plug it in.

    SO, PLUG IN PHONE FIRST, then start ODIN (and get Green connect in ODIN) then put that package in "PDA" field and hit start. It loaded everything correctly and I was no longer bricked, as I was (bricked and unable to get to boot, download or recovery modes). All fixed now! YIPPIE!!!!

    All I need now is an ICS 4 update!!!

    So, I am back in bidness with the original phone that I thought was toast! Now, the new one is arriving today and I will have to sell it on eBay to get my money back. LOL


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