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SOLVED: Desire connects to Airport Extreme, but no data

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jangari, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. jangari

    jangari Lurker
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    Hey folks,

    I'm having an issue, I think others have had it, but it's hard to tell from the variously described symptoms, which is really getting to me.

    My Desire was absolutely fine on my home network (Airport Extreme) until the Airport wasn't working inexplicably one day, for all our house. So I restarted it and it recommenced working for all devices except my Desire. It sees the network, it connects quickly and painlessly as always, but there's absolutely no data being transferred up or down.

    The settings are identical and nothing else has changed, so why on earth would it stop serving data to my phone?! I didn't make any changes on the phone either, so it can't be anything there.

    The things I've tried, from reading others' experiences are:

    * 'forget' the network and try again
    * 'forget' all networks and try again
    * change the wireless signal from a/n - b/g to a - b/g (or whatever the restrictive selection is)
    * change from WPA/WPA2 personal to WPA2 personal
    * restarting phone, restarting airport, restarting network

    Any other suggestions? I haven't yet tried this other thread's suggestion of restricting n to 5gHz, which I'll do tonight, but it sounds as though this is more for people who cannot connect to the airport at all. (can't post a link because it thinks I'm spamming, the thread is called 'fixed wifi issue with airport extreme')

    Help would be appreciated. This is giving me the absolute shits to be honest. Everyone in the house has iPhones and they laugh at me and my weird non apple thing.

  2. jangari

    jangari Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I discovered that the airport (which is being used in bridge mode from another modem router) and my Desire were selecting the same IP, and instead of my phone showing an error like 'IP conflict', it just blocked all data.

    Not easily able to edit the IP address on the desire I changed the IP on the airport and all good.

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