Dec 3, 2009
I have been having major issues with Google Latitude lately, and it has prevented me from using google maps. Whenever I open google maps, latitude automatically tries to start. Instantly, it throws up multiple notifications about a failed sign-in to latitude, and then pops up a screen forcing me to choose how to sign in. It will not let me sign in with my existing gmail account on the phone, and I have to hit the back button multiple times to clear out of it and get back to maps. However a couple seconds later, it insists on making me try signing in again. I cannot use google maps, and cannot get it to sign in to latitude.:mad:

I don't care if latitude is removed or broken in the fix, I don't want to use it anyways, and it frustrates me that google bundled them together. This issue has happened on Liberty GB v0.8 and Apex 2.0 RC2.

Any insight? Thanks,
It's getting to where I'm hating to sign into ANYTHING nowadays. "That email is already in use". Well yeah, it's MY email.
Hate passwords. Hate them to death. String up thieves and hackers and we won't have to use passwords. Yeah, yeah, yeah.....whatever.
Rant off....
Thanks for the move.

Turns out the answer was staring me in the damn face. The notifications were actually for a "permission requested" decision I needed to make. Before I thought, "Hmmm, 3 notifications, 3 windows asking for my google account sign in, that's it." Turns out the notifications were for the google latitude app requesting permissions to gather location data from my phone (I had been clearing notifications before looking to deep at them). I allowed it access to location to/from google, and lo and behold, it signed into latitude just fine. I went into the latitude settings and signed out, now no more latitude errors using maps. I guess it was a permission problem, not an account problem like I was worrying about. Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this.