Sep 9, 2013
I have a RepublicWireless Defy XT that is rooted and who-knows-what else I've done to it. I had a splurge a while back where I removed a ton of system apps and disabled some other processes.

Anyway, it was failing to register to the RW network so I did a factory restore. All was good until it asked me to sign into google and the keyboard didn't show up

I clicked 'back' to skip that and it refreshed to a plain black screen. If I hit the 'home' button, the phone reboots. The other buttons work but they don't actually do anything. I can receive calls but I can't make them (or access any apps)

I'm assuming the factory restore turned off usb debugging because 'adb devices' shows nothing connected.

I have a titaniumroot backups of everything (I think) but I'm not sure how I can restore if I can't run adb or launch an app.

Is there any way around it? I should still be rooted and I can get to the 'recovery' boot thing but any zips I try to load give me a 'failed signature' error.

If I could somehow sign into google, I think it would download my apps and be good - the screen is fine, it just seems to be missing the launcher and keyboard.

edit - this is resolved. Hopefully this will help anyone else in the same boat

I re-ran the factory reset but this time didn't skip past the 'login to google' bit, Instead, I long-pressed in the 'username' section which brought up the 'input method' dialog... clicking that gave me the option to select Swype and eventually, the keyboard appeared.

This allowed me to log into google which enabled gmail syncing again. I then emailed myself an app store link, clicked the email notification and it launched the play store. I installed a launcher and all was good.