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[SOLVED] Removing My Apps/My Orders from Android Market (Web and Mobile)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kkh786, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Fellow Droids,

    I had previous downloaded some applications from the Android Market from my HTC Desire/HTC Sensation/Galaxy Nexus handsets which I later uninstalled.

    On my Nexus S, I am seeing some of those previously downloaded/uninstalled applications being restored and appearing on my "My Orders" list.

    Usually I wouldn't care less but.. there are three apps on "My Orders" list which suggests I have purchased them but I haven't. I can't install these three apps either as I get a "declined" message saying I need to purcahse them first. But I can't purcahse them because the usual "buy" tab has been replaced with "purcahsed".. argh! :mad:

    I have contacted Google.. but they are not being very helpful.. and the developers are also unable to assist.. :(

    Anyone here know of a solution for this because I really want to purchase those three apps?

    PS. The three apps are Rail Planner Live, CalenGoo and TuneIn Radio Pro.



    Solved thanks to fellow droids at XDA..

    The way to get around this issue on ICS is as follows:

    1. Wipe Market data, uninstall market
    2. Install old version of Market (version 2.3.6)
    3. Open old version of Market and buy/download the app

    Tada! :D

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