Shawn Faherty

May 23, 2021
I was not getting notifications for calls or messages even though every checkbox was on.

I could see the text message notification icon blink for a second, phone call was not even doing that.

Click 3-dot setting menu (upper right corner) and select:
Special Access
This opens another menu that lists types of phone controls. I selected Notification Access.

It is here that I was able to look uncheck apps that were taking over my notifications. The culprit was Clean Master (I use it to clear memory and cool the CPU). Once I unchecked it, I started getting notifications back.

Anyway, hope this helps. Maybe you know the menu where I found it. Very frustrating. It started on my older phone and the setting carried over to new phone so glad I at least got it working.

Note: I went into other Special Access control menus like Change System Settings and made sure certain apps didn't have control. This is much easier than going through each app.
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