Apps some basic questions about the opengl of android


hello guys,

i'm really new to android, in fact i just ordered my htc eris today, and i haven't had a chance to touch it.

but i have tried the sdk.

i'm really interested in developing games for android, but i have some basic questions about the opengl on android.

which opengl es version is supported by android 2.0?

is it opengl es 1.1?

does opengl es 1.1 supports glsl shader? and what shader version it supports?

how about the hardware? does the htc eris hardware supports opengl es 2.0?

i know iphone supports opengl es 2.0, i really hope that android can have a very strong graphics.


oh, another question, i found some android opengl samples online, but it doesn't compile with my 2.0 sdk.

for example, one problem is that there is no "OpenGLContext" class defined.

i'm guessing there are some api changes since the 2.0 sdk? is that true?