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some desire/android questions before i buy.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CarsnGadgets, May 18, 2010.

  1. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone. sorry for all the questions.

    I currently own an iPhone 3G, but my contract has expired and i am now
    looking seriously at the HTC Desire.

    I am in the UK and would prefer a Desire on O2.

    I have read a lot about Android, but have been unable to clear up some questions.

    1. If i save files to the phone in usb storage mode from my PC,
    does the phone have a file system and file browser of some kind
    to access the files, or can you only see files related to a specific
    app from within that app eg. you can see mp3 files from within
    the music app but not word docs?

    2. can i long click on a file and choose which app to use to open it?
    say for example if i had a jpg and wanted to choose whether to open
    it with a picture viewer or an editor app of some kind?

    3. How do you delete apps from the phone, and is android good at
    deleting all remnants and files relating to that app, or does it sometimes
    leave stuff behind?

    4. the iPhone is very good when it comes to apps not conflicting with
    each other, mainly because of the lack of multitasking i guess.
    Do you find some apps on android crash others or conflict with others?

    5. Is wifi access to pc networks straight forward? its very easy on the
    iphone, is it similar on android?

    6. is there any way of creating folders in android 2.1? or any way to
    help organise apps into categories?

    7. I see there is an android marketplace on the phone, but are there
    apps available outside this marketplace? if so, how are these apps
    installed, is it from the phone or from your PC/mac?

    8. Is there any kind of itunes equivilent for android? or do you just drag
    and drop to the phone?

    9. If i get the phone through O2 or Orange, do they place their own
    modified ui etc on the phone? and if so, when htc release a new version
    of the firmware eg. android 2.2, will it just replace this, or am i stuck
    waiting for my carrier to update their software?

    think thats all for now :D thanks a lot.

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  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    I'm able to answer most of your Android questions, anything O2/UK related and you need someone else to answer :p
  3. Sapa

    Sapa Member

    Orange definitely brand their Desire phones, both on the phone itself and the software.

    HYCAET Guest

    doubletwist. it's not bad.
  5. SL4VE

    SL4VE Well-Known Member

    iSYNCR is better and o2 phones come branded, but its just a theme easily discarded apart from the login screen

    as for updates the phone check automatically and you can do a manual check also, mines currently upto date but ive only had it 5 days
  6. SL4VE

    SL4VE Well-Known Member

    oh btw GET ONE... you wont look back

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