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Some great things about this phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Doon, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Doon

    Doon Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 8, 2010
    Quoted from around the web:

    "During the past weeks, based out of reviews on the web, my impression was that the Vibrant had too many flaws. Had the chance to test drive it a week back, my impressions then were similar.

    Yesterday I had one in my hands for over an hour. Along with a Droid X a Captivate an a 4G. Vibrant came out on top on many fronts:

    - The screen is amazing
    - Processor adored speed is outstanding
    - HSPA+ makes all other phones seem, like they use dial up.
    - T ouch screen is amazing
    - Quality is great
    - TV out exist over the 3.5mm jack or HDLA
    - Bluetooth works like it sould
    - Video is better than all other phones even 4G.
    - Camera bight shot makes the need for Flash workable.
    - The camera could use some improvements zoom & flash.
    - Reception is great

    "DLNA and it works over both Wifi Direct (device to device). Meaning; why carry a cable when you can deliver full 720p HD video w/ surround (no less) to your DLNA capable device (PS3, Xbox360, cable box, new Google DirectTV, Logitech GoogleTV, HDTV', etc). These also include your PC via Wifi Router or BlueTooth 3.0 which is faster than WiFi-N at 6ft and just as fast at 30ft. No HDMI cable even needed!

    For me being into games, the Wifi DLNA will rock playing games on my 65" HDTV wireless instead of draping a super long HDMI cable out for people to trip over. Also my HDMI ports on on the back of the TV and I won't have to touch my PS3, TV's media PC or anything ever!

    btw...... Android 2.x update will make this phone a dream. For once this hardware is ahead of the curve!

    " It's in the combo radio, but I'm not sure that it's active until Android 2.2 update for support. If not then it'll get the update in the fall. That's what I gathered from a Korean site. That support was coming and that some surprises having to do with high res fonts and icon in an update soon. That would show off the Super AMOLED's Resolution (a swipe at Retina, because it's the 300dpi fonts Apple's using that are making it look sharper for reading along w/ extremely high dpi icons. Compared to Android's low res icons and low dpi non SVG converted to SVG fonts (for vectored Resolution Free fonts).

    I've seen other mentions of the radio referred to as FM RDS so that would mean something about it being capable of receiving road construction bulletins, etc.
    FM radio - Samsung Galaxy S (photos) - CNET Reviews

    This is Broadcom page on the part number from the tear down:
    Broadcom.com - BCM20751 - Bluetooth + GPS + FM Combination ('Combo') Chip Solution

    Samsung Galaxy Series phones are the first to receive this WiFi Direct capable SoC and some interesting things are coming from other features in it too.

    FM Radio w/RDS and FM Recording as well in Wave. So Bada supports more features than Android does as yet. Same chis in both though!
    Comparison of iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S | CareAce

    Note: All Action Graphics, Games, etc in the future are going to look far better on Super AMOLED Galaxy than iPhone or any other LCD or AMOLED Screen. Because of the super fast response time and contrast ratio and the fact NO IPS LCD has a chance in hell of competing with it. iPhone's abysmal 25ms is more like the first desktop LCD screens in speed. Fast action Games & Video will ghost and display irregularly. Especially since the Galaxy has been designed for the future w/ that 3x the display capability of iPhones SGX535 GPU at 90million Triangles/per/sec rendering speeds. Which is the reason it can put up HD 720p graphics over WiFi Direct DLNA or BlueTooth 3.0 DLNA to your HDTV. This is the reason they did not bother putting in an HDMI out port. Also because HDMI restricts graphics w/ HDCP. DLNA doesn't restrict anything being a wireless broadcast in the first place and being both Wifi 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz (unlike iPhone4, etc's 2.4ghz ONLY)!

    My plan is to buy either the DirectTV Google Box or the Logitech GoogleTV Box. They are going to be WiFi Direct (I believe dual band as well). Along with Bluetooth 3.0 DLNA capable. This feature can auto Sync and because of it's extremely fast speed (faster than Wifi G or N) and low 6 to 30ft range it will not conflict with any other signals. Bluetooth 3.0 DLNA is the FUTURE!

    "I've gotten deep into these remarkable phones Samsung is releasing and there is no doubt they far outrank every single phone out there in so many ways!

    #1 - Screen; 100,000:1 compared to iPhone4's 800:1 Real World contrast ratio. But it's the response time that kicks every phone on the planet to the curb being 0.01ms. Which is as close to instantaneous as you can get. Especially compared to iPhone4's snail response time of 25ms. Why is this so important? Because these phones are NOT eReaders!

    If you want a over rated ereader, then iP4 is your best choice. If what you want is a Multimedia Phone then Samsung's Super AMOLED is your BEST CHOICE. Play games or watch action movies? Super AMOLEAD!

    (note: the original page this graph is from destroys the myth of higher pixel density. It explains that in the fall when 2.2 Android is available for Galaxy Series phones SVG vectored fonts (resolution free 300dpi) and higher dpi icons will shed a new light on the subject. Also it relates to the sweet spot view distance for the screen size)

    #2 - Samsung makes 50% of the cost of all parts in iPhone4. In so doing, they've strived to put better parts into their own phones while Apple went CHEAP. Hummingbird blows Apple A4 away merely by having the full Arm Neon Multimedia Engine and OS support programed into Android. But not fully deployed until Android 2.2. On top of that you have the first time the SGX540 GPU has been put in a device. It can display 3x what the iP4 or any other phone out can at 90million Triangles/p/sec and with that Super AMOLED screen, when 2.2 comes out it'll get all phones to the curb.

    #3 - Samsung has the newest and best radios out. Compared to any other device. First phone to have WiFi Direct b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 (10x speed of iP4's BT2.1), DLNA Media Server and w/ Android 2.2 full OS support for all these. 3G/4G Baseband Radio w/ Full VOIP (Voice/Video) supported radio. Meaning when Google/GIPS HD Video Conferencing is released for Galaxy, they will have Facetime's Engine running on hardware capable of using it over 3G/4G (btw Facetime is running GIPS Engine). Galaxy has TV-Video Out via it's headphone jack. Cameras both have Smile and Face detection. 5mp camera has outstanding low light capability and again when 2.2 comes out dramatic changes will come into use with it's ambient light sensing abilities and auto backside lighting effects. Adobe is expanding the features of it's Photoshop Mobile for Android. Of course there is more on the way in features that are hidden at this time, but you've made a great choice if you own one of these Galaxy Series Phones!!!"


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  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2010
    Long Island, NY
    What is this?
  3. Doon

    Doon Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 8, 2010
    I think the writer means "night shot" makes the lack of flash not as big of a deal.
  4. iPenguin

    iPenguin Well-Known Member

    Wow. I wonder if that's what a squirrel feels like. So many different trains-of-thoughts going on all at one time. But I do have to say that was an extremely interesting read, and if any of it is true I'm looking forward to 2.2 improving on the current results of the Pentile Matrix display pixel quality. And I learned the DLNA output is 720p. Cool stuff.

    EDIT: Wait, 3G/4G? Is this like the mythical HTC Inc. front facing camera? Or does that refer to the Vibrant being able to use 4G like speeds with HSPA+... or the Sprint's Epic? Oh the confusion.
  5. nMIK-3

    nMIK-3 Well-Known Member

    May 7, 2010
    Google/GIPS HD Video Conferencing information is great but are worthless to Vibrant as sadly they took of the front camera.
  6. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2009
    4G like speeds with HSPA+ although its not a HSPA+ Device it can take advantage of up to what tmobile is doing currently upgrading their networks to output 21mbps of which is 4G like right now due to sprint having released 4G with edge or 3G speeds around 6mbps nowhere near actual 4G speeds. It seems everyone may be switching technology soon and could mean tmo adopting LTE just like Verizon and AT&T plan to. Sprint might jump on board as well.

    Regardless tmo is and will be ahead for a while with their speeds. Verizon's website is telling me their 3G outputs 600kbps-1.4mbps haha T-mo is definitely ahead of all right now as far as speeds go. Verizon is stating their 4G LTE will produce on average of 5-12mbps. If that's right Tmo's will be better if not comparable to LTE and if they choose upgrading hspa+ past 21mbps plan to 42mbps it will blow their LTE out of the water.

    It dawns on me that the new "4G" is just going to be a marketing term for the technology and not actually be due to 4G speeds I guess 100mbps(whats truly supposed to be 4G speeds) will be considered 5G lmao.
  7. iPenguin

    iPenguin Well-Known Member

    Ah. I thought that was the case. Yeah, when WiMax was released I thought it was kind of gimmicky. At least for now. But I've seen HSPA+ speeds and they are without a doubt fast. my only gripe with t-mo is that they have the fastest network, but can't seem to get coverage, at least in my area, up to par.
  8. Electricity

    Electricity Member

    Jul 17, 2010
    Boston, MA
    The same is true in my area (Cape Cod MA). I think the closest signal tower is across the bay in Boston, because out IN the bay I get perfect signal anywhere I go, but around town and in the wild, if theres even a bit of landscape blocking the view to Boston, I loose most, if not all of my signal.
    Heaven forbid I'd want to go the an ocean side beach.. 0 signal ever.. *sigh*
    Friends with Verizon phones get signal almost everywhere..
  9. iPenguin

    iPenguin Well-Known Member

    Exactly. In my little city, excellent coverage. If I want to travel from my little city to a larger metro, and I pass through a rural area, I'm a goner. No signal at all.

    But yet and still, I love the Vibrant. Wish it was mine and not my friend's. Hope the Verizon Fascinate is being launched soon. I'm tied to VZ.

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