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Some Motorola Triumph rants

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by volleybear, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. volleybear

    volleybear Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Basically some negative experiences I've had with my phone. Kind of a brief review, but only talking about the negative parts of the phone. Just some opinions for those who might be considering purchasing the phone. You guys can read about the positive stuff in official reviews done by tech websites.

    Bought my phone summer of 2012. Upgraded from the LG OV. I rooted my phone and installed Sharp Rom for Froyo (BSydz Deodexed v7, whatever that means).

    In terms of speed, it was an upgrade over the OV, but not a significant upgrade. My OV was so outdated that I couldn't even download certain apps from the app store (games mainly), so this was an upgrade in speed. However, it's not very fast at all (compared to my friends' phones like the Nexus Galaxy), and when combined with Android's lag, it made the phone very difficult to use sometimes.

    The screen has a really nice display, but the touchscreen is very unresponsive sometimes. In fact, I would say it's a downgrade from the OV's touchscreen. Even when it's responsive, it does not approach the level of responsiveness that iPhones or iPads have. The large screen is nice though.

    The phone also underperforms in calls. The main issue is that sometimes when calling and receiving calls, there would be no sound coming out of the phone at all, even though the call went through.

    The phone also likes to randomly freeze up or restart. Sometimes when I'm listening to the radio or browsing the internet, it would restart. Sometimes it would just freeze up for no reason. There were quite a few times in which I had to take off the back cover and take out the battery in order to reset it. Sometimes it would restart two or three times in a row.

    The 3G is okay, and when I load the map feature, it goes to 1G every time I load it. GPS works fine though, but I think that's mainly because of the Sharp Rom (from what I've heard GPS doesn't work on stock ROM).

    Aside from these issues, the phone works okay. It will do for now, until I get a replacement. Maybe I just have a bad unit.

  2. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member

    The only one of those issues I can say I have experienced is the touch screen issues, feels sometimes like you are fighting it. It doesn't respond or if it does it responds to everything except the spot you touched. Because of this browsing the internet is frustrating to say the least. The few good games I have bought are still an exercise in madness when you touch the screen to turn left and the car slams into the wall straight ahead anyway. (usually on the corner before the finish line on the last lap!)
    The next phone I get is going to have more REAL BUTTONS (if not a slide out QWERTY kbd, I'll happily take the hit in bulk) not this dedicated touch screen nonsense.
    I can't be the only one who finds the speakerphone unusable, am I? When I use it people say they either can't hear me or I'm talking from inside a tunnel.
    I bought my Triumph a day after launch, so it's what, almost a year and a half old? Still working fine so I guess I'm pretty happy. I made my own vinyl case the day I got it and it's always in it, has probably helped a lot.
  3. jerrspud

    jerrspud Well-Known Member

    I don't have those problems because I have a stock phone. I'm not sure it's fair to complain about problems with the phone... when you modify it?
  4. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Android Enthusiast

    You have no touch screen problems with a stock phone..... Yeah I call bull my wife's phone was stock for almost a year before she finally got tired of the random restarts and horrible touch screen and had me root and put cm7 on it. The triumph is just a bad phone way more hate threads on these forums then anything else lol
  5. volleybear

    volleybear Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I actually experienced these problems before I modified my phone. I remember opening it and then becoming disappointed in the touchscreen immediately.

    Edit: I have to say that my speakerphone is alright. I don't find anything wrong with mine.

    Playing Temple Run (my favorite game so far) is extremely frustrating. I can't even come 1/4th as close to my highscore when I play on an iDevice. Games that require timed swipes etc really expose the issue
  6. BSydz

    BSydz Android Expert

    Have you tried any of the custom kernels? They should fix the touchscreen, some people have said it solved the temple run issues and made it playable.

    Latest Kernel:
    Just flash in CWM or TWRP.
    Sharp Ver8 Kernel test 9.zip
  7. neofreek01

    neofreek01 Newbie

    I have to say the triumph stock is sub par, but its mainly due to the lack of support from Motorola and VM.the operating system is the only problem I've ever seen besides the delicate charging port.. I on the other hand knew this when I bought the phone from my research before buying. The triumph at the time was the best prepaid phone available. Now I've had my phone for nearly a year and haven't seen any of the problems some user's speak of. I think some users are getting bad phones and not taking them back to get a good one. I ran custom rom and kernel from day one and thanks to the devs I am still happy with my 25 dollar a month phone. I have used several phones and tablets including the crap called idevices, and I am completely satisfied. The triumph is easily as good as anything made from any company up til the same time. Newer devices are better obviously but even a lot of them I wouldn't trade for my triumph. Right now I'm running ics and the camera will eventually work and when it does I'll guarantee my triumph is around a while yet in some capacity. I'm sorry I had to reply I'm a tech specialist and know my phone is a decent device once its running custom software. And I know u don't have to turn to custom software to have a good phone, but I knew that it would make the triumph a good phone before I bought it. If I couldn't use custom software on it I wouldn't have purchased it. I surely don't mean to offend anyone at all, but my phone does for me what phones that cost twice as much do for others. I play games just fine and have no problems never have. I can do just about anything any Android can do just fine. I'm sorry u got a bad phone but I'd be willing to bet if you got a good one you wouldn't have the problems you speak of
  8. lou61166

    lou61166 Android Enthusiast

    to funny the Triumph is a POS,and not even in the same league as the 2 HTC phones i own,so do not try to convince anyone that it can compete with any duel core Android phone.and lets not forget VM's dial up data speeds.i am so glad to see users still defending this mistake of a phone,but hell for 25 a month it blows away Verizon and AT&T combined.
  9. piper_

    piper_ Well-Known Member


    A non triumph user (ex user)

    Just because YOU and some others weren't happy with the triumph, doesn't mean that some are

    It's all about choice

    You have made it clear that you hate the triumph again and again and again, etc

    We chose the triumph
    You didn't

    Have a nice day, don't forget to smile :)
  10. neofreek01

    neofreek01 Newbie

    i know i shouldnt have to it should do it stock but with custom rom overclocked my phone transitions, loads apps, and does everything else i tried side by side with a galaxy s2 and the original note just as smooth and fast. i get it if you dont agree thats fine its your opinion, but i have no problems with my phone surely nothing bad enough yet to buy a new one and pay more a month. i will never goto the big carriers period i dont like being raped, but i can see how it suits some fine. yes for the average person without my tech knowledge, other phones just work right out the box better for them, but if you have a bit of knowledge and can utilize the tools out there to get service that suits you for a portion of what others pay then why do anything else. Its nice to have the best and newest toy out there but i cant justify it not yet i paid decent money for this phone a year ago it can easily go a bit further then when i get rid of it im going to hand it down to my wife and she will use it perfectly happily and content while she has it. FUNNY!!!!!

    EDIT: And i dont know where you are but i get pretty decent 3g speeds where i am so i dont see that problem i would dig 4g but they dont have it in my area yet, but again my speeds are compareable with freinds larger carriers phones 3g. its really not fast enough to pay what they do.
  11. rcsrich

    rcsrich Android Expert

    Agreed! You can only hate on something for so long before you just need to pack it up and head to a different device/carrier. I personally found that the MT was just fine day to day once I had a good ROM- I'd still be rocking it if I hadn't had a good opportunity to upgrade. One major regret BTW- T-Mo 3G/4G coverage outside urban areas is nonexistent, even on major highways like I-95. A serious bummer when traveling... :(

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