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some new news on updates for behold 2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sean connery, May 28, 2010.

  1. sean connery

    sean connery Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I saw this over on phonescoop.com and thought i would post it here. hope it turns out to be true.

    Samsung Will Update Behold II to Android 1.6

    Yesterday, 11:58 PM by Philip Berne
    Samsung today issued a statement regarding the contentious Samsung Behold II update issue. While company reps had been caught on video saying the Behold II would get an over-the-air update to Android 2.0, Behold II owners have been up in arms recently over a rumor that the Behold II would remain stuck on Android 1.5. Kim Titus, Director of Public Relations for Samsung Telecommunications America, reached out to PhoneScoop with an official statement, and it seems Samsung will meet owners half way and update the Behold II to Android 1.6. That means the Behold II will get the free navigation feature in Google Maps, as well as Google Voice Search. In addition to the stock Android 1.6 features, the Behold II will also get the Swype keyboard, an improved media player and improved Bluetooth capabilities. Core Android applications should also see an update. Samsung says the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.

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  2. inaz4sun

    inaz4sun Well-Known Member

    Yep just got this response directly from them to an email I sent:

    [FONT=&quot]We want you to know that Samsung appreciates you helping to bring this matter to our attention. Samsung is immediately releasing the following information to clear up any confusion regarding planned upgrades for the Behold II: "Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA are planning to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 which provides access to Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability and quick search box for Android. The update will also supply additional benefits including Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities. However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6."[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Additionally, we are researching any previous statements made about the planned upgrades for the Behold II to rectify misstatements, if any, that may have been made. Please know we review and appreciate comments, positive and negative, made by people like you, our customer, and we take them to heart. Our goal is to always provide the best possible handsets that not only meet but exceed your expectations, both in quality and functionability.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    Customer Care Center
    Executive Customer Relations
  3. dctony2010

    dctony2010 Newbie

    I wonder when they are releasing the official 1.6 update
  4. Pat Bowa

    Pat Bowa Newbie

    Are there any T-Mobile phones that use 2.1? I need it because I want XMRadio.

  5. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    mytouch slide only one and comes out june 2
  6. Remillard

    Remillard Newbie

    The My Touch 3G Slide (MT3GS) available Wednesday runs 2.1 stock. Seems like a decent device from the amount I played with it in the store. I'm going to see if I can get a little additional play time with it before I commit.

    EDIT: I was off a day.
  7. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    no it does not run 2.1 stock it runs 2.1 sense
  8. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Android Enthusiast

    Please hold onto the original version of your email. If it is discovered that Samsung has mislead us and that the phone is in fact upgradeable but that they simply REFUSE to upgrade it, this is cause for the Class Action to proceed.

    1.6 is not what was promised in the original promo. Exactly when did the Behold 2 cease to be upgradeable? Why was it not upgraded to 1.6 before now? This "inability to upgrade the Behold 2" appears to be something of which Samsung may have been aware but did not inform us owners (but kept us "in the dark" about the lack of upgrade-ability until this date). This further seems to illustrate a breach of the promise made to us in the promo regarding the upgrade to 2.x

    Since Samsung is now saying that the Behold 2 is not upgradeable, is this not a substantive reason for them to issue us a top of the line Android phone with 2.x in replacement for what was promised to us and what we thought we were buying based upon their promo and that we paid for?

    Let us keep in the forefront of our minds that the promo was recently pulled this week. Why? Why now?
  9. Remillard

    Remillard Newbie

    I should have phrased it a little more carefully. I meant it has 2.1 "out-of-the-box" (as in pulled from stock) as opposed to a stock version of Android 2.1. You are technically correct (the best kind of correct ;-)).
  10. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    Oh...I see now my bad
  11. spiz

    spiz Android Expert

    Sirius/XM is available for all Android platforms. It is now available for download.
  12. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Android Enthusiast

    This is so funny, So we are going to upgrade to 1.6?

    I'm guessing they are going to take look at BH man's rom and make tweaks to it for and OTA update.

    dang them.
  13. cws

    cws Lurker

    if we downloaded BH mans version, can we still get the update from samsung?
  14. boostedscooby

    boostedscooby Member

    I should have known when the samsung behold 2 had so many defects from the start it would not end good. good bye t mobile and samsung .
  15. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Android Expert

    Actually it runs 2.1 expresso sense a watered down version of sense but nevertheless its still a good looking phone

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