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Support Some odd charging issues.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mitchellvii, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. mitchellvii

    mitchellvii Well-Known Member
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    Jun 21, 2010

    Jun 21, 2010
    Hi guys,

    EVO is behaving strangely in the charging department. Makes me wonder if I have one of those defective usb ports I've read about. Anyway, here are the symptoms:

    1. When in the car, as long as my charge is about 25% or so, I can have the charger plugged in and it will charge as I use it. The red light remains on. However, if I go below 25% or so, it NO LONGER CHARGES if I am using it. The red light comes on for a second when I plug it in, then goes out.

    But, if I turn the phone OFF, bingo, the red light comes back on and it charges.

    I think this started happening about the time I upgraded to Froyo. Is this a Froyo bug? This is NOT an issue when I charge at home off the AC - phone always charges all the time when plugged in whether I am using it or not.

    2. Occasionally, the phone just won't turn on, even if it has a charge. I have figured out the only way to solve this is to take the battery out and (not kidding on this part), slap the phone against my palm a few times, then replace the battery and the phone starts right up EVEN IF I DON'T PUSH THE POWER BUTTON AGAIN. Yup, weirdness.

    I am thinking that perhaps this is due to have my underclock set to low on SetCPU when the screen is off. I have reset that higher and maybe that will solve this.

    *The thing that is troubling about these issues is they seem to be kind of random which makes me think maybe I have a bad connection somewhere inside - especially since giving it a "Fonzie" smack seems to fix it.



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