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Some problems with the G3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Veriac, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Veriac

    Veriac Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've owned the G3 for about 2 weeks now, well my second one. The G3 has these amazing specs, and that gorgeous 2K display, but it has these problems that I experience over and over and over. The first one, the keyboard. It's magnificent, it works great and it knows how I type. It lags like crazy! The emojis page doesn't let you scroll without it stuttering, and when I actually go to type, the keyboard sometimes randomly crashes and it won't open up.

    The next problem: since my first G3's vibrator stopped working on me and I got a replacement, I used to original back cover with my first one, and it doesn't fit right on my second one. If I press down by the volume down, it makes a click noise. This might be a cosmetic problem, but I haven't damaged anything on the cover and they somehow doesn't fit.

    The third problem, out of many more I won't say: the interface is laggy. This might be common, but it's different. Even with the "High Temperature Property" on "ON", this still occurs. The problem I am talking about would be when you tap on say, "Lock Screen" in the settings, it doesn't actually go to the settings instantly, it's more like 3 seconds for me. This might not be a big deal, but hey, isn't this phone meant to be super fast like they advertise! I have an older LG phone, the LG Optimus L9. It seriously INSTANTLY loads the settings for anything, and it's around 2 years older.

    This phone is amazing, most of the time. Those little things, they add up and get annoying. I hope these is fixed somehow with a software update.

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  2. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    Not sure what's wrong (defective unit perhaps?) because from my experience, coming from both the iPhone as well as the Samsung Note series, the LG G3 is the most lag-FREE phone that runs Android i've ever used. i have had tons of apps open and all the Google stuff enabled and not once could i slow it down. i haven't had anything crash yet. I don't use 'emojis' nor know what they even are so i cannot speak to that effect. the keyboard beats the butt off of Samsung's autocorrect (which has a bad habit of correcting words that are spelled correctly and replacing words with ones that shouldn't be needed, like one time it corrected 'was' to 'waa')

    The only 'fault' with the G3 i have found so far is the flat design UI. it takes getting used to i suppose, but when the G Pad and G2 were in the display, they had an extremely beautiful UI that did justice to the screen. a shame they graphically went backwards on a phone with Quad HD spec.
  3. vin619

    vin619 Newbie

    coming from samsung S4 to an iphone 5 to this G3, samsung was my worst phone, it lags so bad. on the keyboard problem can I ask are you using the google or lg keyboard? only problem I have and still looking for answer is the USB data transfer. no lags,battery life last me 10hrs (no games or movie) just txt, read pdf magazines, facebook & wifi surfing.
  4. meyerweb

    meyerweb Android Enthusiast

    Keyboard lag: use Swiftkey. It's far superior anyway, free, and no lag
    Interface lag: use Nova launcher. It's superior anyway, free, and no lag. For a few bucks, use Nova Prime. It's even more superior.

    If you're rooted (a very easy process), there are few simple things you an do that will eliminate what little lag remains.
  5. Veriac

    Veriac Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I wonder if I could get another one considering this is my replacement. I heard the G3's keyboard is "iPhone fluid". So I like to stick with it, but I might give Swiftkey a try. It's not necessarily the interface, like my home screens, and the app drawer are all smooth and such, just the small delay on opening settings is what gets on my nerves. Thanks guys! (I'm new to this so I have no idea if this reply will work)
  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    i am not sure what is going on but i've yet to experience any delays on anything, including launching apps, uninstalling apps, using settings, or unlocking the screen. this is by far the fastest Android phone i've owned. you must be using some app that's hogging the CPU
  7. Veriac

    Veriac Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How long have you owned your G3? I noticed overtime that it slows down, not by a large amount by somewhat noticeable. I guess I just notice the little things. I don't have Facebook, so it can't be that bad if it's an app.
  8. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    I use the Messenger but not the app, but i've had mine a week. usually it's after a few days or a few apps that i notice lag, but that's with Samsung or cheaper phones. never once has the G3 slowed down or done anything like reboot itself. the UI is probably why it's so smooth, i mean, it has literally no graphics to it, which i find a bit ironic given this has a Quad HD display.

    Usually the way you slow down Android is by loading a few hundred apps/games on it, or use the SD card to move apps to, which is ten times slower than internal memory. i got the G3 to replace my dying Note 3 and use it for very little. i keep a Samsung flip phone for normal voice calls, email and text, but keep the G3 to keep my smartwatch going, for a backup phone number, and for certain things i cannot use the flip for, such as Messenger, Hangouts, or a game or two. but i haven't loaded all that much on it yet.
  9. Veriac

    Veriac Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ah, I've had mine for a couple weeks, I hope yours doesn't slow down. I do have a lot of apps on here so that might be it. Look at this video, I have it set to where he shows the settings lag: LG G3 Unboxing / First SetUp / Impressions - YouTube It's where he taps on the actual settings, but mine takes ruffly around 2 seconds longer, most of the time.
  10. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    Have you gone to settings-->Battery-->see what's using the battery?

    Any app that would cause lag would also cause a hit to battery life as well, and such apps will show in the list with pretty high percentages. normally the only one that should be at or over 20% use is the screen (if you use it a lot) or Google Services, or Cell Standby (if you live in a fringe coverage area)

    I have had many Android phones, and the ones that lagged often were from Samsung, and others that were a lot worse were cheap handsets from prepaid carriers (Net10, Straight Talk, etc). the others only lagged if i loaded them up with tons of apps/games until they ran low on storage.

    If my G3 would start lagging it'd likely happen shortly after i started using it since i don't often have to wait before things happen. my Note 3 required three reboots to work correctly right out of the box (either wouldn't connect to wifi, or wouldn't download from Play Store). any reliability issue will in my case at least, show itself in the first day or so. if a phone starts acting up that quickly, it's not something i expect to use very long before finding a replacement.

    Samsung phones run a resource heavy skin known as 'TouchWiz' so a bit of lag and stutter is actually a 'feature' with them. i haven't seen any device with TouchWiz that doesn't lag at least a little bit. it's just a question of where or when. the G3 is the first lag-free Android i've used. it feels even faster than anything Apple makes. it's a shame the G Pad is no longer available here or i'd give it a go to compare it to my Note 10.1.
  11. Veriac

    Veriac Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just the screen that's taking most of the battery. This phone is amazing, I'm not doubting that. It is faster than any phone I've ever had, including the G2. I know about TouchWiz, that's why I've always avoided Samsung phones, and why I prefer the Optimus UI. That 3 reboots though, that reminds me of how sometimes I have to reboot the phone because say, the home screen will not display my apps and widgets and then it does. So I have to reboot it or it will just keep doing the same thing of not displaying them for a second or two. Another reason why this may be my SECOND defective unit, I have noticed 2, yes 2, dead pixels. At full brightness, you can see it on the bottom right of the screen, then the other one is somewhere in the middle.
  12. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert

    I would take it back. Sounds like it has a few problems lol
  13. Veriac

    Veriac Newbie
    Thread Starter

    2 dead pixels, some lag here and there, overheating sometimes, back cover won't go on correctly, I'd say so too. :p
  14. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    Defective units are becoming more common it seems. just today i thought i'd give the Sony Smartwatch 2 a go, since it was not too expensive and has better watchfaces on Play Store than Android Wear does. the two i tried both had defective batteries or software, as despite how charged up they were, neither would turn on. you'd see 'SONY' and then an animation instructing you to plug in to charge the battery. When you'd plug either one in, they would have a good enough percentage to where they should have powered on and entered pair mode. neither would work.

    It wouldn't be too unusual to find flagship smartphones exhibiting quality control issues, though this is a problem with Samsung, i haven't seen it on the LGs yet. the G2 was pretty snappy too in the display. i do like the G2's UI better though, imagine that 3-D science fiction polish on our Quad HD display? what might have been perhaps, seems everyone is following flat design these days :(

    I might have purchased the G2 except it has a non-removable battery and no external storage, has a fingerprint-inducing rear gloss, and the rear buttons would easily get tripped in my pocket resulting in pocket unlocking. then there's the fact that it will inevitably get the G3 UI and carriers block any attempt to avoid the update, Samsung on Verizon uses SDM.apk to update and you cannot stop it, in two weeks it will update on its own. I'm sure LG will follow suit as well on the same carrier.

    I know the G2 and G3 support themes, but alas, no G2 theme is available in Play Store.
  15. Gremlin256

    Gremlin256 Android Enthusiast

    Well I would use a different launcher. I noticed the lag in the keyboard and so I switched to Swype.

    I suggest use a different launcher like Apex or Nova.

    for me the phone heats up if I use Maps and that is the one battery killer for me.. I turn GPS off and and even though I stop the task I can still see it in the list greyed out.. Have to manually end task it..
  16. Jdub333

    Jdub333 Well-Known Member

    I agree with this (except I'm not rooted.) But I use Nova Prime and that not only fixes the lag, but also allows you to have the UI --at least the app icons-- look however you want it. And although I was very impressed with the stock LG keyboard, overall I find Swiftkey is the best (for me, anyway).
  17. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    My complaint isn't the icons. I want the G2 UI. All of it, apps and all. Is that even possible? It does have themes, but I can only find a G3 theme for the G2...

    I can simply change the icon theme but that isn't enough, the G2 had a very polished look and an excellent music widget. I find it ironic they give the G3 the best screen on the market only to make the UI so boring to look at.

    My problems are merely aesthetic, not once has this phone lagged or crashed or ate battery like most Android Samsung phones do.
  18. SpyderBite

    SpyderBite Well-Known Member

    I've owned (and still own) all the iPhones, and had a Lucid prior to getting the G3. So I know what android lag is like.

    My G3 only gets lag when I'm viewing the full version of a website that runs a lot of rotating ads on it. Besides that, the G3 is nearly lag free comparable to the iPhone 5s with a fresh install. Can't compare it to the 6 yet as I'm waiting for the 6s.
  19. rivera02

    rivera02 Android Enthusiast

    The g3 performance is really similar to the note 3 in my experience. It's not lightning fast, but it gets the job done. Small stutters and frame rate drops here and there don't bother me in the slightest. I still dislike software buttons and I'm having a hard time adjusting to this screen, but I would recommend this phone to anyone.
  20. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    actually the Note 3 is a laggy POS compared with the LG G3 to me. my Note 3 had a bit of microstutter or so on for a while, and the stock ROM reminded me of the Galaxy S3--it was dated and old for such a high tech new device.

    The LG G3 might not have the polished look to its launcher and icons, but it happens to be the fastest Android phone i've used. the skin is light and not resource intensive (same cannot be said of TouchWiz). I have not had to reboot the phone to fix anything wrong with it (the Note 3 required a reboot once a week at least because it got stuck in no service and wouldn't reconnect and sometimes froze at the lockscreen not responding to touch input)

    Sad part about Samsung is that they can stack on as many cores as they want and give their products tons of RAM but they still lag a bit. enough to be noticeable and it kills the whole 'premium' experience.

    I am not sure what about the screen is the issue (unless you're talking about the Flat UI the software uses which does not do a good job of showcasing its power) but i have not once noticed any lag. not even a stutter. it scrolls like an iPhone. has not once froze or rebooted itself. never gets hot or warm and the battery lasts the longest. apps open instantly, no black screen or delay after tapping the icon before anything happens.

    While i'm not a fan of the navbar in stock Android since it seems to take up screen space and seems separate frome the apps (on a Nexus the apps sometimes have to 'shrink' to make room for non-transparent nav bar and top status bar making them look goofy) the LG implementation is very well done. the navbar and status bar are transparent and change color to match the app so they don't seem separate but instead feel like part of the app's UI itself. the buttons even change to affect the different features of some apps. the recent apps button sometimes changes to a menu button on older apps, and the three dot key sometimes shows up. it's adaptive and works quite well. there are even settings to hide it entirely on specific apps you check in a list, so you don't even need to root your phone to do that.
  21. rivera02

    rivera02 Android Enthusiast

    Hmm that definitely hasn't been my experience. I've seen plenty of stutters here and there. The battery gets quite warm at times (mostly during graphic intensive games,) and the battery has definitely not been as good as the note 3. I average 45 min to an hour less if screen on time with the g3. The issue I have with the screen is that other than the sharpness it's the worst screen I've used in a while on a phone. It's not very bright, and the viewing angles are absolutely terrible. It's extremely noticeable when watching a video with the phone sitting on my desk at work because I'm not looking at the screen head-on.

    There are plenty of things to like about the g3 and I will happily continue to use it for the next few few months until I can buy something with android L and a 64 bit chipset, but it's definitely not anywhere near a perfect phone for me as I probably enjoyed the note 3 more.
  22. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    not sure why but both the Note 3 and my LG G3 spend the 12 hour shift at work in my pocket, syncing only to my smartwatch. at times I might pull it out to ignore or answer a phone call or check a text message or email, but that's the extent of the use or screen-on time

    after the shift, my Note 3 required immediate charging. it would often come home with 49% or much less, usually bleeping low battery in worse case scenario. TouchWiz for anyone familiar is a stutter mess. essentially ninety percent of the Note 3's features, like remote control for a TV at home, were useless as it'd spend the rest of the night on the charger.

    the G3 comes home with anywhere from 65%-79% left, even with full sync and data on. same conditions as the Note 3 but not having to sacrifice features to keep battery runtime up. it's obviously working better and I've not once noticed a stutter or lag. apps blink on instantly and I don't get that 'did the tap of the icon register??' delay I got often with the Note 3. the G3 is the first phone that never felt like it was burning a hole in my pocket---literally. my Note 3 sometimes got hot enough that I figured i'd get a burn or something. it ran hot horribly, and sometimes i'd try unlocking the screen but the lockscreen sometimes wouldn't even turn on, and when it did, it refused to respond to touches, and then wouldn't turn back off.

    The screen of the G3 is what I like best. sure, the UI is pretty basic and boring, but apps look natural and don't burn my retinas in oversaturated AMOLED colors. coming from Samsung I am so glad I don't have to turn the brightness all the way down to tolerate it, while still having to deal with oversaturated colors. that drove me batty after awhile.

    For the first time I am extremely happy with my G3, and even after the whole 'oh neat I got a new phone!' phase has worn off, it's still the first time I felt that I don't need to update to the next big thing that comes out. it works extremely well and has never required a reboot or the 'airplane mode' fix to get signal back. battery life is extremely great, I can actually use features after work, and it can wait until bedtime to be charged. two weeks in still no problems. I still got all my favorite Samsung features but none of the mess that came with them (Quick Remote works so much better, is easier to set up than WatchON remote) but in lighter versions, and the screen is pixel-free and not hard on my eyes even at 50% brightness. I hardly notice the nav bar at all because it is that well-integrated into the UI.
  23. Veriac

    Veriac Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes, rivera02, I've experience many of the same things, pretty often too. The brightness sucks, even in the morning, 100% brightness doesn't do it for me out in the sun. Everyday, at least once, I have to do the 'airplane mode fix' to get service back. That's just my carrier though. Like I've said, this phone is amazing. It's by far the best phone I've owned. I would love to switch it however. The M8 is something I'd like to try.
  24. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Extreme Android User

    if the M8 had a removable battery, plastic casing and an SD card slot i'd have tested it out. but it is so inferior looking and too iPhoney for me. the UI is horrible to look at. it's like it's stuck in 'My Magazine' mode 24/7. Its design is stuck in the same generation as the One X, so last generation it's very dated. even the UI looks the same.

    I've been dead-set against metal phones ever since the iPhone 4 antennagate issue. I play it better safe than sorry, plus i'm all too familiar with how easy it is to scratch or dent a metal phone.
  25. rivera02

    rivera02 Android Enthusiast

    In terms of fluidity of the UI, the m8 and the new Moto x are about as good as you're gonna get on android. The lack of replaceable batteries kill those phones for me though. LG's ui is a lot like touchwiz in that it's not the smoothest one out there, but the amount of useful features it offers makes me prefer it over some of the faster more stripped down ui's. I'm also loving the camera on the g3 btw..best I've used on android so far!

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