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Some questions for X10 owners

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by csreborn, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. csreborn

    csreborn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am in between phones right now, and no longer have a N1 and am looking to replace it with another Android phone without switching carriers from AT&T. They currently have the HTC Aria(I have no interest in), the Samsung Captivate(Galaxy S), and will soon be getting the X10.

    This phone has been out for some time in EU/Asia and Canada for a bit, and I am fairly familiar with it. It seems the bad points are no multi-touch ever, Android 1.6 with a who knows for sure on Android 2.x, but the rest seems fairly solid. Most of the reviews are from when it first came out, and generally complain about the GUI being slow.

    My questions are basically:

    1. Is the phone solid hardware wise, with build quality etc? I know it's mostly plastic, but does it feel cheap, hold up well?
    2. Has Android 1.6 caused you any problems app wise? I'm fairly certain google navigation works on 1.6, which is a deal breaker for me if it doesn't.
    3. How is the GUI, do you enjoy it? I can't stand Samsung's TouchWiz, Moto Blur, and prefer stock Android, but don't mind HTC Sense.
    4. I keep reading something about the screen doesn't have all it's colors activated or something? Others say it is amazing. Curious if it is the Super LCD Sony is selling HTC to replace AMOLED.

    I know the Galaxy S has a better CPU, GPU(Android isn't much for gaming anyways), more ram, Super AMOLED, blah, blah but their software is terrible and I don't like their form factor.

    Thanks for the response to those that do.

  2. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    1 - The build quality is superb, can't fault it at all. Perfect weight, great feel etc.

    2 - Nope. Although i've never used a new android, there is no shortage of apps, and google navigation works like a dream and has got me out of a few rather frustrating situations in my car :p

    3 - The GUI is generally very nice looks-wise. Personally, I am a huge fan of the horizontal scrolling app drawer like on the galaxy/iphone, not sure why, just find it easier so I downloaded ADW Launcher, but there is nothing to really complain about with the standard one.

    4 - I hear alot of people talking about this. The screen is amazing. It's definitely not better than screens like the Galaxy but everyone also raves about the Desire screen, I actually prefer the X10. It's very sharp and very bright and I have not encountered any issues with the colours, although some people say gradients are not smooth... not for me.

    If you have the choice between this and the Galaxy, I would be tempted to go with the galaxy for its better battery (although there's nothing wrong with the X10, I can get 2 days out of it with moderate use) and better screen, MT, Gingerbread ability etc. That said, the build quality of the galaxy, and in my opinion the looks are FAR inferior to the X10 :)
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  3. csreborn

    csreborn Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info, that is what I was looking for. I had a N1, so I am familiar with the screen on the Desire, it was nice but poor outside. I agree with the Galaxy, that's why I am hoping the X10 can tide me over until the 4G LTE 3.0 phones next year.
  4. Tuttle

    Tuttle Newbie

    1. This is a really durable phone. I accidentally tripped over the charging cord one day and the phone fell about three feet right onto hardwood floor, caseless. I picked it up, examined it very closely and didn't find a single scratch on it.

    2. No problems with 1.6 at all, except sometimes I see (Android 2.0 only) for certain options and think, "damn I wish I had 2.x". It certainly isn't a huge deal though.

    3. UI is nice. Timescape and Mediascape also look nice, but they're kind of slow IMO. I don't have any complaints otherwise.

    4. Sometimes, if you look closely, you can see breaks in the gradients where colours are supposed to blend. It isn't a huge deal though, and you can't normally see it unless you actually look for it.

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