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Root Some Questions on App Backups

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Philadelph, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Philadelph

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    Alright, so I've not had a need to restore apps yet since after rooting, but some questions have occurred to me that I just don't know the answers to and would like them (and haven't reeeally found them in searches). So:

    -When using Titanium Backup- WHERE exactly does it save the app backups to?

    -When you make a backup, does this actually mean that if an app gets deleted from the phone, Titanium can restore it and put it back on the phone? I kind of thought it just makes a list or something of the apps you have installed.

    -I've also got App List Backup- which is nice because you can re-install without going to the market- I was under the impression that this was a better option than Titanium for backing up apps... am I wrong? Are they the same?

    -Now what if the phone is completely reset/wiped, etc.? In that case, I'd assume Titanium is no longer ON the phone, so how would the backups (wherever they are) be useful?

    -Assuming that these backup apps don't technically copy the app and place a duplicate on your SD card (which you can then save to a computer), is there a way to do this? Will there always be the task of going to the market or App List Backup to re-download your apps?

    Thanks for listening!


  2. akazabam

    akazabam Android Expert

    1) They are stored on the sdcard, specifically in a directory named TitaniumBackup. You really shouldn't need to ever go there, though, as you can just restore apps through Titanium Backup.
    2) It copies the app (and its data if you tell it to) to the sdcard. You can delete the app, wipe the phone, whatever, and titanium backup can reinstall it from the sdcard (and restore data if you want).
    3) You got it backwards :). App list backup saves a list of install apps (only if they have a market link), and allows you to restore them all from the market. Titanium backup saves the app itself, and allows you to reinstall it. You don't even need a network connection to use titanium backup.
    4) Just go reinstall titanium backup from the market. You can also get the apk for titanium backup, and keep it on the sdcard. The developer provides the apk itself, on his site so that you can sideload it if you like. Once you do that, titanium backup will see the backup on the sdcard, and you'll be able to restore whatever you want.
    5) This is exactly what titanium backup does - it copies the apks to your sdcard as a backup. You can copy the /sdcard/TitaniumBackup directory to your computer, if you like, so that you'll never lose it if something happens to your sdcard (or you lose the phone, or something like that).
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