Help Some SMS help please? (Handcent)


May 7, 2010
Since Handcent updated to 3.0 I've been having some trouble. I get the old notification icon plus the new notification icon. I figured I'd delete Handcent altogether and start fresh but the old Handcent icon continues to come up. I went into the original messaging app and made sure all of the notifications were off but I still get double notifications! This things driving me mad. Anyone have any ideas how to completely get rid of the Handcent notifications and what may still be lingering on my INC even after the uninstall and reboots? Thanks in advance.
Yea I hear ya on the upgrade, there's a lot of nice new features on it and it worked great just when I did the upgrade it seems it never replaced the old one fully. It doesn't show the prior version in my installed apps but the old notification still shows.