Root Some tips on setting up the VM Supreme...


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Had the Supreme for about a week and have been getting some little bugs and issues worked out. I thought I would post some issues I came across in hopes it may help others.

I'll add more as I find them....

1) The browser button on the home screen is set to open a new tab in the browser, so every time you go out of the browser and back in it opens a new tab instead of going back to the one you were on.

Hold on browser app on the home screen and drag it to delete, get rid of it. Go into your apps and drag the browser icon there to the same spot on your home screen apps to replace it. Now it will go back to your current page instead of opening a new tab.

2) Text-to-speech error in Maps/Navigation. If you are getting the error that text-to-speech has closed it is an easy fix. Just go into your apps, select "Google Text-to-Speech, and then "uninstall updates". Then go back to the app store and update it again. The error should be resolved (make sure everything else including maps is updated first).

3) If you want to conserve battery life then turn wifi to never stay on when asleep (settings, wifi, <menu button> advanced). If it is staying on all the time and you are getting bad battery life then there is another option to turn off...

Settings, Location services, and then turn off Location and Google search. That will allow the wifi to turn off automatically when the phone is asleep, leaving it only using about 1-2% per hour when not in use.

There is also an easy root and easy wifi tethering, see the "All Things Root" subforum.