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Somebody needs to make this application! Toggle between current apps with camera/vol

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by dougiesgoindeep, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. dougiesgoindeep

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    This would be amazing. Holding down the home key just takes too long. It can also be tricky when driving (you really need to concentrate or you can easily miss). An app that used the physical keys, volume rocker and camera, would be awesome.

    -firmly press the camera key (as if you were taking a picture, press it all the way in) to activate the application. Do not hold (this will open the camera as usual, just firmly press and quickly release.
    -a preview of all open apps is displayed. you can click on the screen to go to a specific app
    -or you can lightly press (not all the way in) the camera app to scroll through the app. firmly press the camera button to select an app
    -or use the volume rocker to go forwards and backwards through the list of apps
    -have a voice announce the name of each application as it scrolls by. It announces "navigation" as you scroll to the navigation app (this option can be disabled in the settings, but would be very useful in the car so you can keep your eyes on the road).
    -another option would be to lightly press AND hold (but do not press all the way in) the camera key after initiating this application to toggle between a list of ALL application and only recently used or active applications.

    Can someone make this happen?


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