Somebody want to do a review of DaTuner?


Hi All,

I am wondering if I could get some feedback/reviews on my tuner app that is currently on the market; DaTuner. I released a chromatic tuner app, DaTuner, back in January (2011) and although it is still a work in progress I think it works well enough now for a review. I am getting quite a few 5 star reviews, but at the same time also a significant number of 4 star reviews. (The reviews with < 4 stars are easily explained by the releases I've done that inadvertantly included bugs that I seem to enjoy writing so much.)

It would help me a lot to get some constructive criticism on the responsiveness/accuracy of the algorithm as well as the GUI. I know that the GUI needs work - the config menu doesn't match google's "template" and I created my own config knob for use on the tiny screen on my X10 mini, but those will all be fixed later when the kinks in the main part of the program - the pitch detection, are worked out.

Also, could the 4 star revies simply be the simplicity (ie lack of extra features) of the app? The free version doesn't have a pitch pipe, and it also doesn't (yet) include any custom tunings or temperaments.

Please give it a shot, I would love to see some head-to-head comparisons with other tuners and don't want to do that myself because it just feels wrong (and it would obviously then be biased.) Plus, I feel that the people who wrote the other android-only tuners also seem to be really nice guys (judged from their posts here) so I certainly don't want to put their apps down - they are excellent and I really just want to make DaTuner competitive and perhaps be able to put DaTuner in a niche of its own so it can reside side-by-side with the other more customizeable tuners.

Thanks very much in advance!


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I am a piano technician and tried the free version of the Datuner. the interface is nice. It looks good. the menu commands are easy to use. The measuring capability is pretty good. However, the app does not correctly place very low bass notes and very high treble notes.

The fact is that I did not calibrate it to my tuning fork. I was just trying the application for fun.

Overall, a very nice tuner application compared to others in the Market.

Good JOB!!!




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Hi Aswath,

Thanks for your feedback!

I am working on a fix for the lowest and highest notes on an 88-key piano now, but it requires a lot more work because those frequencies are poorly picked up on most phones. No idea how long it will take to release it, but my latest two releases should be at least a little better at the lower frequencies, so give it a shot and let me know if it is, in fact, a bit better.