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someone hacking my dads phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by donnyh13, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. donnyh13

    donnyh13 Lurker
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    Hi all,
    I am hoping you can help me by guiding me to what I need to do to hopefully stop my problem.

    Phone is a Samsung Rugby Pro
    Through telus
    anything else?

    So here is the story.
    My dad works for a logging co. and stays out in camp for 2 weeks at a time, all last logging season, ( from oct - april- may) he had problems that seemed to point to being spyed on by somebody out in camp. Which included things like shorter battery life, clicking or even noises or voices during phone calls, and extremely poor service where he should have much better service, being unable to call out even with 1-2 bars, and the major thing that tipped it off was his email which he is signed into on his cell phone sends out a email to all contacts with only a link. He doesn't install any apps, besides one app which is PDF maps, other than that, nothing. He doesnt go online, he only texts, and calls, and only reads emails, doesnt send any, and doesnt use a computer, so unlikely it was hacked while online on a computer.

    But when he comes home for the 2 day weekend all of that stops, he goes back, it starts again, this summer he took up a job at another place for the off season, and nothing happened all was normal.

    It has recently started occurring again, and he is coming home this weekend, and I am wanting something to try to block their access, who ever it is.

    Is their something that would alert him when its occurring? or block it, like a firewall? we have tried a virus scan, and it seemed to find nothing? Is this most likely just something that is occurring over the air, and not installed on his phone?

    Just a note this has happened on both his Iphone (last year) and his Android part of last year and now this year.


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