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Something I just figured out about camera

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by angel71rs, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. angel71rs

    angel71rs Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Maybe everybody already knows this... if you press and hold the camera button, it sets the focus and exposure. That way it takes a pic instantly when you lift your finger.

    Taking better pics now. Risking looking like a dummy by posting this up for anyone else that didn't know about it. :D

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  2. (G)

    (G) Android Expert

    You don't look like a dummy -- I didn't realize that at all!
  3. surf1

    surf1 Member

    I don't see any difference vs just tapping the camera button (since it autofocus when you do that anyway), and holding the button and releasing. Maybe in low light it will help? But I snapped some pics close up and far and see no difference.
  4. angel71rs

    angel71rs Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Whew, relief!

    Maybe as I have only done it indoors. Definitely helped taking pics of nephews and nieces opening Christmas presents. This way the pic would snap the instant I released the button.

    Before when I was just tapping the camera button, there was a delay and I'd catch the kid turning their head or something. Since there was a flash when I would touch the camera button, I thought that was when the pic was being taken. It wasn't till I noticed the "shutter" sound wasn't happening during the 1st flash did I realize the pic wasn't being taken then, but on the 2nd flash. By holding the button, 2nd flash would happen when I released. I think the 1st flash is to assist setting focus/exposure.
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  5. Av8r

    Av8r Newbie

    Great tip. As a semi pro photographer, I should have known that. On most point and shoot cameras, one should always press shutter half way down and allow camera to figure focus and exposure, and when ready to get the shot, press all the way down. It's amazing how few people know that.

    Surf1 is right though. Tapping where you want the focus and exposure to be does the same thing, but when following kids/action, it's a little easier to just hold the shutter button until ready for the shot, and then just let go.
  6. dedapr

    dedapr Lurker

    What a great tip! Now I can take a picture w/out any shutter lag.

    Many thanks
  7. masterz13

    masterz13 Newbie

    I use a modified stock camera app that lets you use the volume buttons as the shutter button. If you hold the volume button, it will also focus.
  8. I had no idea about this little tip..thanks angel
  9. surf1

    surf1 Member

    Yeh I tried it out with the dogs, and that's where it's handy, anything still you don't see a difference... but with movement it helps snap a pic fast and clean.
  10. werds

    werds Newbie

    Awesome tip. Most of my phone shots tend to be of my daughter moving at the speed of light, so this tip should help immensely after just a quick test - I see less blur in my test shots. Would have never thought to try this but it makes it intuitively act more like a point and shoot. Cool!
  11. tambovskya

    tambovskya Newbie

    Lol, I didn't know that. Thanks!
  12. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    Yay!! Good to know! One of my dogs is a total squirrel and it's hard to get a good pic of him before he turns his head or leaps 10 feet in the air!
  13. Slo912

    Slo912 Lurker

    You are no dummy. I am another who did not realize that trick.

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