Something refreshes active window

It doesn't matter what app I'm using, the active window is refreshing every few minutes. e.g. Facebook refreshes and moves to the top of the feed. Chrome refreshes and loosing all content of text boxes.

Maarten Leemans

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My device is a Huawei p30 pro. It started during the day. I started testing by letting different apps active and not touching the device. Refreshing rate is from a few seconds to a few minutes.


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How much ROM is on the device?

Sometimes refreshing can be caused by a device that has too much stuff on it.
Either in total, or running.
Do you use the Accesibility Service?


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Have you enabled developer options?

If not, then do so.

The next time it happens, open developer options and check running services.

Look for anything using a large amount of memory.