Sonata of Sky Notre Dame [Review]

Sergio C

Sonata of Sky Notre Dame is a good adventure in the sky cathedral.

Adventure in the sky cathedral is a way from dark and low levels to light and high levels. Levels contain different kinds of tasks and every task has type of mark (logic, struggle, intuition, lucky, ride time, balance etc.). All of levels are made in arcade genre.

The game starts on bridge from nowhere. After that main character Metamozzo go into the cathedral where he met a daemon of books that creates tasks for collect beans of Aleateya. Tasks of logic, struggle, intuition and some specific moments of a game plot.
The second stage of a game is a daemon's ride. On this stage Metamozzo ride a daemon and collect beans of Aleateya.
The third stage is meeting of Metamozzo and Raelmirra that contains Summer in heart, Higher walking and Air ways levels in different combinations.
The game finishes on a roof of the sky cathedral there Metamozzo, Raelmirra and Angel need to keep balance for collect beans of Aleateya with the best results.

* About 20 levels with different places and kind of play a game (logic, struggle, intuition, ride, lucky, balance, etc.)
* 9 types of marks for game process (statistics for logic, struggle, intuition, lucky, balance, ride time, etc.)
* Tips and tricks for every level (via help button)
* Soundtrack for every character and kind of level
* Philosophic sences in a game plot

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