Nov 2, 2010
Hello everyone!

Ok here is my issue. Just got the x10a phone 2 weeks ago. My first smart phone. Thanks to one of your other threads I was able to get my bellsouth email account set up. Now I am having issues with the gmail account. Had no problems up until about a week ago and noticed my calendar wouldn't open. It then asked me to enter my password for the gmail account. So I did...It then went to the verification, I did that and it gave me another verification code to enter. After doing this about 5 times I went back to enter the password again cause I thought something just wasn't syncing.. Looks like for security reasons they deleted that account. Don't know what that was for. Anyway...Now I can not change my username to the new gmail account I had to set up. I have gone to settings, applications, gmail and cleared the cache and cleared data! no luck! Please help I had things on my calendar that I don't want to lose! Begining to lose faith in smart phones.

Sorry so long but wanted to make sure everyone understood my frustration!

:thinking: Kim
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Try power cycling the phone. Sometimes GMail gets confused and, when that happens, it's really difficult to get it unconfused...
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