Sony Experia T - USB wont charge

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I can't get my pc or laptop to charge my phone. But when i plug the same charger into a socket it charges fine.
On previous phones a 'new software found' appeared on my pc and allowed me to charge, but nothing happens with this phone.
I have checked and the 'usb connection mode' is in MTP.
Can you help?


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Are you using the same cable with the charger and the computer?

It sounds as if you're using a "power-only" cable. Some USB cables have 2 wires - power. Some have 4 wires - power and data. A 2 wire cable won't do anything but charge th phone. (If th phone didn't come with a separate cable - not one permanently fastened to the charger - you'll have to buy a 4 wire cable.

You also have to install the Sony USB drivers in the computer and laptop, but I assume you've already done that.