Mostly Harmless

Android Expert
Apr 15, 2010
New York
This thing has the possibility to make me drool and foam at the mouth:

The PlayStation Phone is still real -- Engadget

If Sony manages to release this with out messing it up as they tend to do then it might just be my next phone.

Things I still need to know:
-What kind of screen does it have? Size?
-Will this be playing PSP quality of games?
-How is the storage of the games handled? Disk? Memory card?
-UI: Stock Gingerbread please.
-Battery Life?
-No carrier contracts.

This is the first phone since the N1 that really makes me excited. Please, Sony, make the marriage of Android and Playstation a happy one, filled with love, joy, and the power to bring peace to the world.

Also thinking way into the future, could we possible see an Android powered Playstation 4?
I doubt there would be an Android powered PS4 but who knows its years away.
But that would be an amazing phone.
It still looks HORRIBLE though. What's with the design? SE used to make the coolest phone. Now they come up with this... I just can't stand the 4 silver buttons.