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sony xperia s - problem with files - 0k - cant be deleted! they reproduce!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by peponi37, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. peponi37

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    hello dear all, im going here litterary crazzy.
    since yesterday that i erased the old pics on the folder "send" in my whatsup apk, i have 73 pics that the album of my sony reads them as broken, but in fact the pics were deleted.... (or werent they? - it seems they werent!)
    when i check in folder send i see them, i erase them and they come back! i tried to delete them with a program (delete forever?) and they came back and became 105 pics. i erased whatsup, deleted the folder again, re-installed whatsup - and they apered again. i deleted the cache of the album, turned off the phone, restarted, they were again displayed. i checked their names and their size - they are 0 k! but they are there! i tried to connect to my pc and delete them from there - nothing, the pics come back, and the "reporoduce!" - i started with 37 pics broken, now i have 120! i erase, they come back! i tried to change their name, and then erase them, didnt help.

    i dont know what to do, its not worth it to wipe the sd card, all for this. also because part of the pics seem to be in the system ( i see an album called .image and there are 13 pics there)

    i just dont know what to do! the thelephone is not rooted, its 4.2.1 android, i tried even with air-droid, nothing.

    is someone here a kind soul and can help me before i just throw myself from a window?


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