Sony Xperia XA Ultra problems

Ryan Redern

I've had my phone about 3 months now and I have noticed some things that I'm not sure about...
1. I'll be on an app such as chrome or Facebook and all of a sudden my connection to the WiFi slows down and it won't load up anything. Checked my WiFi and it's running at around a 55 m/bit download and 15 m/bit upload speed. But when I turn the WiFi on my phone off and on again it works like normal again, this happens a lot as well. I can no longer play hd videos online anymore on my phone either because it's too slow. My other devices will though. However my data only runs at 5 m/bit download and 4 m/bit and it's much faster.
2. The vibration that happens when you are typing or using the home etc. buttons at the bottom stops vibrating completely and won't come back on for ages. And sometimes you'll end up pressing a button loads of time because you think you haven't pressed it yet.
3. I'll tap on anything on the screen and it will double tap it which is quite annoying sometimes.
4. I'm not sure if this is normal or not but if you hold the phone quite close to your face you can hear a buzzing noise coming out of the ear speaker but only when the screen is off.
5. When I launch the camera most of the time the screen is completely black and I need to relaunch the camera to make it work.

I know these aren't massively big problems but thought I'd share it anyway. Thanks ;)