Help Sony xperia z3 compact battery issues



My Xperia z3 compact started acting up today. Charged it all night as usual, woke up and it still said 50%. I tried changing it again but the green light would not go on, so took out the charger, held volume up button and put cable back it. OK,now it says 95%, oh no, now it says 50%, and so on and so on. I dont know why it keeps dropping down to 50% when I know it is at 95%. So then I start using my phone for maybe two minutes and it is dropping about 5%by the minute. What is happening to this phone? I love my phone but it has-been one problem after the other. Cracked screen cracked back screen, sudden death (that was a bad one) and now this weird battery problem. Gorgeous phone but nothing but trouble


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It sounds to me like the battery has gone bad. I'm not familiar with that phone so I don't know if you can replace it or not, but not being able to charge or hold a charge is a classic sign of a battery going bad.