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(Soon to be) former BB addict here!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rwestiv, May 22, 2011.

  1. Rwestiv

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    I just purchased (another) Blackberry and I've finally had it with RIM.

    My company put my first BB in my hand (I think it was a R900) when I lived in Germany. It wasn't even a phone!

    Over the past 10+ years I've had Pearls, Curves, Bolds (both Bold and Bold II), now a Torch. I've always used my BB as my business workhorse.

    While I still had my Bold II (about a year ago), my wife got an Apple 4, and bought one for me as well (my wife steadfastly refuses to believe that money does not grow on trees). I only used it as an iPod for the first six months, but slowly, bit by bit, I started to use it more. Mostly I use it for the web and as a personal phone.

    Fast forward to this past Thursday and my BB decided it wanted to go for a swim. It leapt out of my hand and did a very elegant swan dive into the pool (I swear that's what happened...either that or I dropped it while trying to drink a cup of coffee, read the paper and type an email...I'll let you figure it out). So I excitedly headed down to my local AT&T store looking forward to getting the new Torch so many BB people have been talking about. I took it to my IT guys/girls and they set it all up. The 'New' BB OS (OS6) is much better than the old OS but I was struck how much worse it was than the iPhone. I took it back to my IT people and they upgraded the OS to a new 'Leaked' version but I couldn't notice any difference. Since I am (was) a dyed in the wool BB addict I was still pretty happy with my new toy.

    However after using it for the past three days I am so dissappointed I struggle to accurately put my thoughts on paper (or screen). Before the 30 return period is over I'm taking it back and I'm going to get an Android based phone (my IT people told me it will work great with our system).

    Now that I've made a short story long, I'm on the search to find the best possible Andriod phone (for me). My only restriction is that I have to stay with AT&T.

    Since I tend to keep my phones for 2-3 years (my recent history not withstanding) I want to get the most up to date phone possible so that it doesn't become outdated too soon.

    Basically I want a phone with a great big, bright, beautiful screen, a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor, laser guns, compatible with AT&T's current '4G' as well as being compatible with true 4G when it rolls out on AT&T's network. I may be willing to give a little bit on the laser guns but I pretty much want the rest of it. We'll see...

    In any case, hello to everyone and I hope to 'Talk' to you soon.


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  2. Steven58


    Welcome! Good luck with the phone!
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    Martimus One bite at a time...

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    Hello and Welcome!!

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