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Sorry but I am hopeless with this

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by UKFLAME, Dec 26, 2011.


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    (I probably apologised last time but, this is only my second post and i won't have visited this site more than 5 times so i'm not sure where to put this but here goes...)

    What are the Pros AND Cons of rooting my Wildfire S (2.3.5)?

    I am tempted to give it a shot but I don't really know much about it, how much the benefits may outweigh the costs or the other way around etc...

    Furthermore how would i go about rooting the device? (I would like this to, if possible, cause minimal disturbance to how my phone currently runs) And if i bottle it and decide that I don't like the root, is it possible to unroot?

    I run a HTC Wildfire S on o2 in the UK, but am tempted to try rooting my old LG GT540 (2.1) first as a 'practice run'.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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  2. InsaneDDay

    InsaneDDay Newbie

    before you decide, you should do alot of research on the root process. this is not a difficult phone to root, but its not as easy as some are to do. i would suggest looking at the very useful sticky threads here on this site, and you can do some extra reading over at xda-developers in their wildfire s forums as well.

    rooting doesnt change anything about the phone, other than giving you "superuser" permission. this is comparable to running a windows program as an administrator. after rooting, it does open up a world of new tweaks that can be applied to the phone, such as ROMs (custom OS versions), and overclocking (speeding up your processor above the factory limits). you can also get programs to give you more app space (apps2sd, link2sd) and save your battery when the phone is in standby (setcpu). the only real cost is that rooting WILL void your factory warranty, but the process is not illegal and can be undone if you need to return the phone for service or just dont like the root access.

    as far as actually going through with the root, there are some basic things you need to know about your particular device. there are a few different versions of the wildfire s, or marvel as the official HTC name goes. the CDMA versions (marvelc) can be set to S-OFF and rooted with little complication. the GSM/SIM card versions (marvel) are a great bit more difficult, since the hboot comes locked on all marvel series phones and GSM S-OFF cannot be currently done without purchasing (or at least finding someone who has) an XTC Clip. there are several threads at XDA about *possible* solutions without the XTC, though i cannot confirm any of them as working since i was fortunate enough to get a CDMA version.

    once you get everything in order as far as the phone info goes, i'm sure there are several people that will give the best advice they can to help you achieve rooting. if you have any more questions, then feel free to ask, i'll be glad to answer them or send you in the right direction if i can.
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