Sorry... Help on selecting phone!


Hi all, first post so go easy!

I'm really stuck on deciding which Android based phone to go for. I'm coming from an iPhone 3G but have got hugely, insanely bored with iOS (and the whole 'cult of Apple thing...).

My needs are as follows:

- I use email an awful lot, so functionality is a big deal
- I'm not too bothered about manufacturer, anything reliable, comfortable in the hand, etc., would be great
- Screen size isn't a huge deal, but I'd like a nice resolution
- My contract runs out mid-June, so if a phone is coming out soon, or just after, that'd be useful to know!
- I'm from the UK, so UK released phones would be nice!
- I know OSs are a bit of a tricky one, but the latest version of Android pre-installed would be great.

Many thanks in advance, any recommendations would be really appreciated.

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Well you may have read that I am very excited about my upgrade coming up june 5th. I am eying up the Samsung galaxy S2, Very nice to look at, Comfortable in the hand, Nice looking screen, resolution is apparently low but it looks the tits.
It has the latest version of Android and has some neat odds and ends on there with a decent amount of storage to start with allowing an SD card up to 32GB.

I pointed another user to some videos by SJPullen on youtube who explores much of the phone.
The other phone I thought I would like was the HTC sensation Apparently the camera is not so good, certainly not as good as the SGS2, I have been a little bored of sense on my HTC Wildfire (The worst of the HTC Family) thankfully this was an insurance job so didnt choose it as a phone on a contract.

I feel that finally after nigh on 3 years I am going to have a decent phone for once.
I normally only get the choice on last years rejects....

Im not trying to sway you in the direction of the SGS2 that is my personal opinion, These two phone are out early to mid june.

The LG Optimus 3D is out but tbh I have hated LG phones for a long time, I felt they always missed a certain something and unfortunatly they never appealed to me one bit...again a personal choice but Im sure many people have no problems whatsoever with the LG range.


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Thanks guys, I know its a kinda 'can of worms' question...

What are the thoughts on an HTC Incredible S, or the HTC Sensation? I like the idea of the Incredible S, just because its not quite so big, but then I am aware its not dual core... Is that dual core really necessary? I'm not a 'power user' as such, but will need the phone to last 2 years.


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From what I understand, the Incredible S is simply the Desire HD repacked with a front facing camera. Not much else is different. I would get the Galaxy S2.

I had the Desire HD and I really liked it. It just broke and will get it replaced. Unfortunately, my carrier will not allow me to upgrade my phone to an SGS2, so my choices are the Incredible S and Optimus 2X. I am thinking of getting the O2X, despite my love for HTC (had a Desire before the DHD).

As for screen size, I personally didn't notice the "bigness" of the DHD when I changed from a Desire. A few millimeters doesn't really change the bulkiness in your pocket. Screen size when it comes to reading emails might be important. It just makes the keyboard easier to use and easier to read.

I imagine that if one was wanting something future proof (2 years, in your case), one would go with the better hardware... Sensation/Pyramid or SGS2. The SGS2 that is coming out when your contract is up might have NFC, which is a pretty cool gimmick.


p.s. My boyfriend is getting the SGS2 and he's rather picky. Then again, anything is a godsend after the Xperia X10. I am quite jealous.