Sound clip driving me crazy!

I have a fairly new HTC Desire C. Recently I searched for a definition of 'widget' on Google. It came up with a written answer, accompanied by a sound clip giving a definition.

Since then, occasionally when I do a Google search (though not every time) the 'widget' sound clip appears from nowhere and plays in the background. It's intermittent and it's driving me crazy!

Any ideas how I can get rid of it??


PS: Sorry, I don't think I've asked this in the right place (I'm new on here!) but hopefully someone will come to my aid!


Endeavor to Persevere :)
Hello, RufusSussex! Welcome to the forums! :)

No worries. :)

I wonder if you go into settings on your search app and delete the history, if that will help?

In the meantime, here is the forum for your phone, check it out! HTC Desire C - Android Forums

Maybe someone there will have more of a clue than I? :p

Thanks for joining and good luck!