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Sound Enhancer & Spotify

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by claritanie, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. claritanie

    claritanie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use the Sound Enhancer features (Dolby / SRS etc.) with the Spotify app? I can only seem to get it to work on the standard music player................

    Shame if can;t get to use it with Spotify as it's quite good at enhancing standard MP3's but I only ever use Spotify.

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  2. mcnob

    mcnob Well-Known Member

    I would hope that over time, the likes of Spotify etc. and also the video player developers will work the Dolby/SRS enhancements into their apps with updates. Just keep an eye on the market or feel free to hint at the developers to do it in the meantime.......;)
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  3. madcat01

    madcat01 Lurker

    I have the same issue, so I was wondering if SRS is implemented at hardware level or software level. It seems as though it's hardware level since most sounds from apps seem to be process by it. My temporary fix is:

    1. Get both the Android Music Widget and the Spotify Widget on your home screen (makes things easier).
    2. Go into Spotify and start playing the track.
    3. Go back to home screen and if SRS is already enabled in your Android Music player, just press the play button on your Android Music Widget followed by pause.
    4. Now SRS is processing sounds from Spotify
    It's just a matter of hitting Play/Pause in your Android music player to activate SRS.

    Hope this helps :)
  4. zildj

    zildj Well-Known Member

    Does this dramatically changes the volume quality? How about if we add external speakers?
  5. madcat01

    madcat01 Lurker

    It improves the sound quality not volume quality.
    I've not messed with it on external speakers, let me know how it sounds :)
    Also after receiving an SMS or phone call, SRS is deactivated. This just means repeating step 3.
  6. JKingJr88

    JKingJr88 Lurker

    I found out how to get Dolby to work with Spotify. Open Spotify, go to settings, click on Equalizer, select Dolby, it will open a toast message, ignore this. Once Dolby has opened just press the power button, hey presto! Dolby is now turned on!

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