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Sound from notification bar suddenly hidden when other apps opened

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Will Jones, Mar 6, 2020.

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    So for years I've liked to listen to podcasts while I play mobile games. This has never been a problem before. Especially when I am at home connected to wi-fi, I usually just stream the podcast in Chrome. But tonight I was listening to a podcast that way, and when I opened a game the sound shut off. OK. Maybe some hitch in some recent update. So I downloaded the podcast to my phone and opened it in my music player, which has also always been able to play over other apps in the notification bar up top. Same thing. As soon as I opened a couple different games, it was the same, media in the notification bar immediately stops playing. But here's the weird thing... it doesn't pause. It's still playing in the background, only muted. Also, if I go to try to adjust the volume while all this is happening all the bars are grayed out and unslideable. What gives? What setting has changed, how do I undo this option?

    tl;dr I want to be able to have audio from one app, open in the notification bar, playing over other apps. This never used to be a problem but suddenly is. Please help, thank you. I have an LG v30 running android 9 (pie)

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