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Sound issue, spotify {SOLVED}

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by elk1007, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. elk1007

    elk1007 Member
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    When playing a song in Spotify, the music will stutter and garble when the screen locks. Maybe a CPU stepping issue?

    Update: FIXED

    Once rooted, I used SetCPU to change the governor to msm-dcvs and the scheduler to cfq.

    The stuttering when the screen is off has completely disappeared. So it was probably a stepping issue.
    I set my min and max to the device min and max. Idk what the max cap is where you would experience stuttering again.

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  2. I've noticed garble and hiccups during Pandora commercial ads and while watching youTube videos with HD toggled. Even with Wi-Fi.

    Here is something interesting, though: With MX player, I can watch HD Matroska format (.MKV) video files with animated/styled subtitles and FLAC encoded audio, with zero issues?? :D

    This phone seems to have issues with some of my daily apps, just need to find out which ones!
  3. Trying this using no frills. Hope it works, youTube and Pandora shuddering is getting annoying :mad:

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