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Ok, first let me explain my set up. I have three devices 1. Computer 2. Xbox 3. Aux cable for ipod, s4, etc. to plug into to play music that connect to my harman kardon soundsticks ii.

Phone is rooted, but I did a factory reset today and will test it again when I get home.


I usually have my Xbox and computer on at the same time (dual monitor set up) with music playing from my phone. I used to have a droidx and when I would plug it in to play music, all while my xbox and computer are on (sometimes I usually watch a twitch stream while playing single player games.) So my droidx would drop the volume on my xbox and comp just a tiny bit. I understand this since I am plugging three devices to my harman kardon soundsticks ii. Yet, everything came in fine and clear. I can play games and music was coming through loud.

Now, my s4, when I plug it in to play music, it drops the volume significantly to the point where, if im playing a game the sound is waaaaay low and muffled. Lets, say where my normal volume on my samsung tv is at 40, now I have to turn it up to 85-90 to hear it at the same level yet it is completely muffled. The music sounds great, it just drops the volume on my other devices.

Anyone experience this or should I try a factory reset? Also, my g/f's iphone 4s does not produce the issue at hand either. So its either an unfortunately reality with the S4 or an issue. tl;dr


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ok, so I did a factory reset as stated above and here are my findings...

Unfortunately I do not have the same set up here at work, so I had to improvise. I used a 2 RCA to 1 stereo input. then converted the rca to stereo to plug in my comp and phone. Of course I am only getting the comp to one side and the phone to the other side (right and left,) at home I have everything connected via stereo and not RCA.

From this I found that the sound did not degrade after hitting play on the s4. Like I said before tho, this is not the same set up as I have at home and will still have to test that out.

I followed the following method to root my device How to Root Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545! [UPDATED with VIDEO] | although I followed a different tutorial on xda devs site. I am now looking the rooting methods on android forums and will test again. I dont mind doing factory resets right now, as I just got the friggin phone. but it would suck if I had the phone for a while and this happened. Will update later and see if rooting screwed things up or a phone specific issue.