Dec 9, 2022

I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G running the latest available software version (Android 13 + One UI 5.0) in my country, Portugal.

Recently, assume since last update, something strange happens 2 or 3 times a day. Even while in locked mode and not being used it says the message ”Sorry but I did not understand”. The message its in Portuguese and the sound is high even if the phone its muted.

It can happen during the night.

I’ve tried do turn off the google assistant but the problem persists. Any suggestion on how to solve that?

Thanks in advance.
Your Galaxy S21 has two voice-assistant services running concurrently, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby. Try disabling both to see if that makes a difference.
Google Assistant
Samsung Bixby

Samsung opts to adding a lot of branded bloatware to their products that often duplicates existing Android apps. That can be a blessing or a curse as we all have different needs from our phones so some people prefer Google services, some prefer Samsung's.
Hi all,
Some additional notes:
The notifications sound is off.
I've tried to reboot as well.
I don't have the Bixby app (maybe its inactive). Only have the Bixby vision (without using it-..)
The google assistant is off

Any additional idea?
Fresh installation?
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I've tried on safe mode and the problem persists. If I understand correctly this means its a system app. How can I discover which one?
The Bixby app is installed but inactive.
The problem persists and I confess..I have no clue on the reason..