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sound set issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by realfatboy, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Please could somebody help me fix a problem I am currently having with my Desire HD which started before the most recent system updates and continue now the update is installed.

    The problem is with the personalisation of the ringtone and notification sounds. I started with the basic sound set as the default one and then downloads various sound sets from HTC. I then picked the sounds I liked from a variety of the sound sets to personalise all sounds keeping the sound set itself as the default one. This was working perfectly for many months. However, for no apparent reason one day the phone lost all of the sounds and replaced them with quietly brilliant. I put them back to the ones I had previously selected but the phone lost the settings again at the next restart. The problem is not consistent because sometimes all of them get changed at the restart and sometimes on a selection of them.

    I thought it might be to do with the fact that the downloaded sound sets are stored on the memory card and there might be a problem with the card because the problem doesn't seem to happen if I use sounds from the default selection installed on the phone. However I have connected the phone to my PC as an external drive and performed a scan disk and defragment with no problems found. I have also dismounted and remounted the card.

    I have also been into manage apps and deleted all data files for sound sets and media storage, deleted all of the downloaded sounds from the memory card, and started again from scratch but the problem persists.

    The problem also keeps evolving and now if I select a different sounds starting from the default sound set it actually changes the sounds associated with the sound set. The sounds that the phone replaces the ones I have selected is also becoming more random and the sound sets themselves are becoming mixed up too.

    Can anyone suggest a fix or do I just need to perform a factory reset.


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