Space Landing 3D[Game][FREE]


Hey this is my last Game for android that I've released, I like to know what you think about it. Thanks!!

You can download it from google play

Google Play download

It's a 3D landing type game.

InGame video



Can you rescue all the astronauts scattered through space?

Space Landing places you at the controls of a spaceship, with which you must rescue astronauts and then land it on a planet.

Once rescued all astronauts you must land the spaceship, but very carefully as it is just a task for the best drivers in the space!

Land the spaceship on planets with different gravities, with planets moving or being rotated so that each landing is a new challenge!

Prove your worth as a starship pilot!

★ Planets with simulated gravity affecting the spaceship
★ Every level is a new challenge
★ lands the spaceship without crashing into planets with great gravity, moving, rotating ..
★ Watch the fuel or you will wander eternally through space
★ 3D Graphics with beautiful lighting effects, explosions and comets through the space
★ Level editor, create your own levels and send them to us to put them in the campaigns of the game!
★ Prove you're the best pilot in the world!