Space STG II Realtime Strategy Game


I've seen a similar post, but this game needs more attention!
I picked up the demo out of the Google Play Market and I've been having quite a bit of fun with this.

In the demo, the missions you play are interesting, its a bit of a space-chess game, not just in the way that you have pieces (ships) that you move around, but you're able to research and deploy technologies.

The object is to capture neutral planets before your enemy can, and work on taking over your enemies planets. There are different scenarios with different missions, such as, your enemy is preoccupied looking for resources and thus will not put much force into attacking you early on, but once they do start attacking, they throw everything at you in a relatively strategic way, deploying invisibility technologies among others.

I enjoy this game greatly, and if you have any interest in realtime strategy games at all, this is one you'll want to pick up!

The only thing I could mention that it seems to be missing is multiplayer mode. Even over a local wifi with friends this game could be fun to vs with!